Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Episode 38






(Happy Ending)




Mr Peter:(drops dead on Kelly’s body)


Kelly:(gasp in shock,looks up and sees Jason standing behind a cop,push him away and hurries up into Jason’s warm embrace, mumbles) he tried to kill me,he’s a monster


Jason:(hugs her tightly) it’s okay, he’s dead now..


Kelly:Thank God you came(still in his embrace) he’s not my father…


Jason: it’s okay, there’s no need for that


Kelly:(smiles as she disengage from the hug,looks sideways and sees Keira staggering in, hurries to her)k you’re alive


Keira:(squinting with a hand on her head)yes am alive..


Kelly:Am sorry k for letting him get to you but it’s not what…..


Keira:(hush placing a hand on her lips)shhhhhh…it’s okay,you don’t need to explain,I understand..


Kelly: you do?


Keira:(pulls her to herself and hugs her tightly) don’t explain anything, we’re still friends..



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