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Episode 37


Semi final


(awful truth )











.Jason:Is there anything I should know?


Kelly:(lies)No,everything is okay,I have to go(hangs up)


Jason:(sighs)Kelly is keeping secrets from me,its hard to understand her but I’ll get


to know what’s wrong with her…


Mr Peter:Open up now,you better come out here,don’t piss me off


Kelly:(yells back from inside)Go away,you never meant it when you


apologized,you were just mouthing off…


Mr Peter:Kelly don’t try me you better come out here….


Kelly:so you could kill me too



Mr peter:what do you mean?


Kelly:it means you want to murder me the same way you did to Amanda,you killed


her and hung her to make it look like she committed suicide…


Mr peter:whose feeding you with all those lies


Kelly:Am not lying,admit it you killed her…


Mr Peter:(smirks)I see he’s really a good influence…


Kelly:Don’t bring Jason into this,don’t even try it….


Mr peter:Kelly don’t let me get you in there,you’ll regret it if I break in…


Kelly:(fazed)Oh God no!!!


Mr peter:(bangs door again)Open up now…


Kelly:(walks reluctantly to the door,she stretch a hand to open the door but quickly recoil)


Mr Peter:(furious)open up….


Kelly:no I won’t (mumbles)what am I going to do now,oh God(pace around the room,stop and holds her head as if trying to remember something)I think I should call Keira,calling her is the only option,its the only thing to do now,yes I’ll call her but what if she doesn’t come,oh hell,k please just come when I call you(dash into the bathroom with her phone,in there she sits on the WC and dials Keira’s number)


keira:(Answers on first ring)Hey babe…




keira:yah,how was your date with Jason,you didn’t tell me……


Kelly:(panic rising in her voice)k I’ll tell you later,I need you to come to my place now,I really need you here,please come now…


keira:(noting her voice)girlfriend what’s going on,why do you sound so disturbed?


Kelly:I’ll tell you when you’re here,just come please …


keira:good thing you called on time,I have nothing doing at home,am coming there


right away….


Kelly:(sighs)please do,don’t keep me waiting…



keira:(rolls eyes)Okay I won’t (hangs up)






Mr Peter:(yells}Kelly!!!


Kelly:(gets up from the WC,locks the bathroom door and sit back on the


WC,clutching her phone and whimpering a low cry…


Mr Peter:(gives up)you think you’re smart right,am waiting for you,you’ll come out and me here(walks away)


kelly:(mute,still sobbing slowly)


Mr peter (stomps into the living room and sit on the couch infront of the TV,just as the newscaster read the news,he punched the volume button,turning down the volume he dropped the remote control on the table in front Of him,still fuming in anger he get up,walks to his bar and grabs a bottle of whiskey,he poured himself three stiff shots and took it to his mouth,makes a face as the content burnt it way down his throat)






Jason:(put his car to a hault by the side of the road,takes out his phone and called Mitchell to tell her about Amanda’s death)


Mitchell;(Answers on the third ring)hey Jay…


Jason:hey sis,how’s things over there?


Mitchell:Everything is good


Jason:so good that you don’t even call since you went on your trip,you don’t even


bother to check on your friends,you’ve totally forgotten about your only brother….


Mitchell:its not like that Jay,I’ve been wanting to call by I always end up not doing so or forgetting about it because of my tight schedules(sips wine)so how’s it with you and your Juliet,and how about Amanda,I’ve been trying her number it’s not been going through….


Jason:everything’s fine but for the Amanda part I got some really bad news….



Mitchell:I don’t want to hear any bad news,don’t say it,not now,not this morning,please tell me about it later am not ready for any bad news…


Jason:Amanda’s dead…


Mitchell:oh my God(gasp,the glass which she have been holding fell on the floor,shattering into pieces,emptying all its content on the floor,wails)No oo oo oo!!! Jay stop it,don’t fob me off,that can’t be true…


Jason:Am sorry it is..


Mitchell:How come,what happened,oh no what happened to my friend ?








Mr peter:(smoking over a bottle of whiskey,still seated in front of the TV,mumbles as he blows a steak of greyish smoke)why won’t she come out,this girl really thinks she’s smart well I’ll get to know what she’s up to(curse)silly slut,stupid bitch(he lit another cigarette with the light from the stub of the last one,he picked up the remote control on impulse and punched the volume button,the voice of the announcer came up again)


Door bell rings☝☝


Mr Peter:(reluctantly he walked up to the door and wait for few seconds before opening the door,frowns as he sees keira standing by the door,to himself)So she called her friend,I knew it,I knew she was up to something,my hunch was right…


Keira:Good day sir,is Kelly in,I came to see her…


Mr Peter:(coldly)check her in her room(walks back to the couch,sits and watch as Keira strolled up)


Kelly:(panicking inside the bathroom)


keira:(taps Kelly door).


Kelly:(hears sound,walked out of the bathroom,walks slowly to the door)Who’s there,keira is that you?


keira:Open up



Kelly:(sighs and opens door)oh praise God(hugs her tight)


Keira:(gives her a stern look as they disengage from the hug)K what’s wrong with you are you okay at all,why do you look so troubled?(walks into the room)


Kelly:(force a smile)Am fine


keira:you asked to see me,am here…


Kelly:I was lonely so I decide to call you and I know you wouldn’t have came if I came out plain(drops phone on bed)


keira:Are you sure,cause I had a conversation with a scared voice some minutes ago..


Kelly:Am fine,I was just bored….


keira:okay if you say so,let’s go down….




keira:let’s go to your living room and watch some movie..


kelly:we can do that here


keira:no let’s go to your living room,it’ll be fun there..


Kelly:(scared of her Dad,but tries hard to hide it)okay(pops her head outside and looks sideways before stepping out)


keira:(after watching her)K is anyone after you?


Kelly:(shakes head)No


keira:(walk pass her)As if she’ll like to share…








Mitchell:(doesn’t want to believe what Jason had just explain to her)No,no way my friend can’t commit suicide,she won’t even try it,she’s not that easy to get at,she was so full of life,she can never commit suicide,Amanda won’t……(voice trail off as she began to sob)


Jason:Sis am shocked too,though I didn’t know much about her..



Mitchell:so how’s Kelly doing,are you two getting along,how’s she coping with the news?


Jason:(sighs)Its really hard to understand her but am getting used to it,studying her is fun,but she’s not been herself lately,she spent last night at my place and I got into a little fight with her Dad,some minutes ago…


Mitchell:Wait what happened,hope you’re okay?


Jason:yeah it was nothing,he was just being protective about his daughter,Daddy’s


girl you know,parents thing…


Mitchell:(shakes head)No that’s not it,there’s more to that family than you’ll


understand,you need to cut ties with her and quit that deal right now…


Jason:I can’t,not now she needs me more…


Mitchell:there’s no need to continue,Amanda’s dead,its not really suicide,we don’t


know what happened to her,you’re my only brother,I don’t want to loose you….


Jason:who said you will,am just protecting Kelly,she needs me now,I made a promise to Amanda before she died,so I’m fulfilling it..








Mr Peter:(gets up and walks towards the passage as the two girls seats on the opposite couch)


Keira:K you’re my friend,I know you quit well,I can tell when you’re okay or not,and I can boldly say it,that there’s something eating you up…




keira:there’s something


Kelly:Nothing am fine


keira:you’re not,how can you call yourself my best friend,when you can’t open up


to me…


Mr peter:(hides by the passage to eavesdrop on the ladies conversation)


Kelly:(breaks into tears)Amanda’s dead



keira:(mouths drops)what!!! you don’t mean that,you’re joking right,she’s in her room,I forgot to check on her,well I’ll do that now(gets up and makes to take strides).


Kelly:Am serious she’s dead..


keira:stops at her track)okay I understand,dead in your heart right,oh thats nothing


new,she was dead in your heart before….


Kelly:(gives her an annoying look for her lack of understanding)Am serious,she’s dead for good..


keira:for real?


Kelly:yes(sobs again).


keira:(wails going back to her seat)Oh God why!!!she was just so good,Oh God no!!!


Kelly:(sobs)But she left me to die,she knows all that am going through but she left me to suffer…


keira:(stops wailing and glance at Kelly)what do you mean?


Kelly:just let me be…


keira:what are you going through and where’s Jason? he should be here…


Kelly:(wipes tears)yes I know but Dad won’t let him see me(looks around)where’s my phone,I should call him(doesn’t see it)K where’s my phone,I can’t find it..


Keira:go get it in your room,you left it on the bed…


Kelly:(frowns)I did?I’ll go get it then,walk me to my room please (gets up)


keira:(raise a brow)walk you to your room,why?are you scared of something….


Kelly:Am not


keira:Then go get it already…


Kelly:(hesitate but go so Keira won’t be suspicious of anything,slowly she walked out of the living room and strolled to the staircase passage,she turned back to steal a glance at Keira to see if she was staring at her,heaving a huge sigh of relief that Keira wasn’t watching she turned back to continue with where she was going to but froze as she saw her Dad standing tall before her..



Mr Peter:(smirks)going somewhere?


Kelly:(shrieks but doesn’t say a word)


Mr Peter:come here(pulls her into the passage)I’ve heard you all(pin her to the passage wall)I’ve heard you all,so you were planning on telling her about us?


Kelly:(shakes head)No


Mr Peter:stop lying to me,I heard you


Kelly:(shakes head again)am not


Mr peter:I need a quickie


Kelly:No way…


Mr Peter:(forcefully kiss her)


Kelly:(tries to extricate from his firm grib)let me go….


keira:(hears Kelly’s voice from the passage)


Mr Peter:(runs his hand down Kelly’s dress and undo her zip)


Kelly:(trying to brush his hands away)stop it,get your hands off me…


keira:(gets up to check what was going on)


Mr Peter:(hears footsteps,he holds Kelly by her hair using it to drag her upstairs)


kelly:(gives up from trying to free herself from his grip)


keira:(walks to the passage and looks around,doesn’t see anyone)I taught I heard Kelly’s voice here,it better not be what am thinking,maybe I should go check on her(goes up too)








Mitchell:you need to stop it,cut off all ties with her,I don’t want anything to happen


to you….


Jason:you bought me into this and I fell in love,so why are you trying to take me out..



Mitchell:jay you can’t fall in love with her,I never knew things would turn out this way,I wouldn’t have let you in,its so risky I don’t want to loose you…


Jason:sis you can’t stop my heart,am in love with Kelly,am serious don’t worry I’ll be fine,I can take Care of myself okay(hangs up)


Mitchell:jay jay (doesn’t hear anything,drops phone)Oh my God,what’s this boy gotten into,I don’t trust Mr Peter at all,he’s been molesting Kelly and seeing her around Jason is killing,he’s my only brother,I pray nothing bad happens to him…


Jason:(sighs drop phone and rub his face with his palm before driving off,heading home)








Mr peter:(opens Kelly’s room and push her into it)


Kelly:(tries to do her zip)Keira’s going to find out,what are we going to do?


Mr Peter:Nothing…


Kelly:(panics clutching her dress,so it won’t get down)Oh my God! oh no!!


Mr Peter:(hiss and walks away,bumps into keira while leaving the room)


keira:(gives Mr Peter a suspicious stare)Sorry sir,I didn’t see you there…


Mr peter:(doesn’t reply,averts her faze and walks away)


Kelly:(trying to do her zip,Keira walks in)


keira:(glares at her)cheap slut,so you’ve been sleeping around with your Dad,right?


Kelly:(breaks into tears)girlfriend its not what you think…


keira:Don’t girlfriend me,its not what I think,tell me,where you guys not making out like dogs in the passage,where you not?


Kelly:please understand me..


keira:okay why’s your cloth loose,what was he doing in your room?your clothes down and your Dad’s coming out of your room,how can you explain that?





keira:(snaps)cut that off,I’ve been watching you lately,I knew something was going on between you and your Dad…


Kelly:Girlfriend you can’t imagine what am going through…


keira:(waves hand)Spare me all that ,spare me all that,I’m so very disappointed at


you,so this is the reason behind your previous hostility towards Amanda….


Kelly:Girlfriend (makes to touch her)


keira:(move back)Don’t even come close to me,cheap slut,whore,you have no shame sleeping with your Dad… Read some more erotic and romantic stories on Topster_stories.


Kelly:please I beg of you,don’t say things you know nothing about…


keira:I know everything about it,I know that both of you killed Amanda,you


disgust me,you are evil,I hate you,God have mercy….


Kelly:(tears stream down her face)Thats not it,you won’t even ask if…(yells as she sees her Dad clutching a stake)No!!!!!!!!!!!!(waves hand in disapproval)


Mr Peter:(lift stake up)


Keira:(wants to turn)


Mr Peter:(hits her on the head)


Keira:(stunned,she falls and slumps)






N/b she’s not dead…..






Kelly:(gasp)What have you done?oh my God,you just killed my best friend,why




Mr Peter:(snaps)Enough,shut up,just shut up,she was about to expose us(still clutching the stake)speaking of that where were we?


Kelly:(turns and sees her phone on the bed,she quickly gets hold of it)



Mr Peter:what are you trying to do?drop it or you’ll be next…


Kelly:(doesn’t drop it,move backward trying to dial Jason number)


Mr Peter:you think you’re smart right?


Kelly:(dials number)I don’t cause am not…


Mr Peter:Don’t try me,give it to me (stretch out a hand)


Kelly:(shakes head in defiance)No


Jason:(on reaching his place,Kelly call enters,he bring out his phone,answer it and takes it to his ear)Hello babe..


Mr Peter:(raise stake and treathens to hit her)


kelly:(dash out of the room,to jason)Help me please,don’t let him kill me(hangs up)


Mr Peter:(in hot pursuit)


Jason:Babe who’s trying to kill you?(doesn’t hear voice,panics)oh My God,what’s going on with her?(turn on engine and drives out again)






Kelly:(dash into the kitchen and get holds of a knife)


Mr Peter:(enters kitchen too)


Kelly:(points knife at him)if you come close to me,I’ll kill you the same way you killed others..


Mr Peter:(smirks drawing close to her)Are you trying to be brave?


Kelly:(sternly)Moron,don’t come close to me…


Mr Peter:(stops and glare at her)you’re the one with the knife but I can still hurt you..


Kelly:monster,murderer I hate you,I so much hate you,I don’t see a father in you,you’re not my Dad..


Mr Peter:who told you am your Dad?


Kelly:(mouth drops in shock)



Mr peter:(fix her a stern look)Father indeed..


Kelly:(stutters)wha…..t do y..ou mean?


Mr peter:Am not your Dad,you whore..


Kelly:(still pointing the knife at him)stop talking..


Mr Peter:you’re a bastard…


Kelly:(tries to blink back the tears that cloud her eyes but couldn’t help as they


rolled freely down her cheek)A Bastard…


Mr peter:(to hurt)yes you’re a bastard(looks away)when your mom was still alive,we were attacked by some criminal,my beautiful Tiffany (Kelly’s mom)was raped and you (points at her)are the outcome of it,I only took care of you because she made me promise to,and I did it because of my love for her but you’re nothing but a bustard that’s why I see you as nothing but my toy,you’re paying for the sins of your fathers,you daughter of a thousand father,silly slut..


Kelly:(her eyes became heavy with tears,her head spun from dizziness and her hand shaked profusely because of his words,mumble)you lied about your love for me.


Mr Peter:i guess i was not done using you


kelly:I hate you…


Mr Peter:The feeling’s mutual baby (hits her with the stake)


Kelly:(knife falls as she falls on the floor)


Mr Peter:(throws stake away and pick up knife)I’ll so design you with this…


Kelly:(sprawl on the floor as she tried to escape,yells)Somebody help me please,oh


God somebody help me…


Mr Peter:(smiles wickedly and goes after her)there’s no one here,no one can help




Kelly:(shrieks as she sees him lift up the knife to stab her)


Gunshot …..












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