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Episode 36


(Mr cruel)







The rest of the drive to Jason’s place was silence as Kelly kept thinking of what she just saw, Jason on his own side was worried about Kelly,he didn’t know what was



wrong with her,he drove to his apartment and hault in front of it,they both alight


from the car….


Kelly:(still very cold, thinking about Amanda’s death,she didn’t want to believe that Amanda was really dead)


Jason:(worried he goes close to her and pulled her to himself)K dear what’s wrong with you,tell me please…


Kelly:(whimpers in his arms,she breaks into tears again)Oh God!!!


Jason:(walks her into the house)is it your Dad,did he do anything to you?


Kelly:No it’s Amanda


Jason:(anxious) What’s with her?Did she do anything to you, did she hit you?


Kelly:No (wails) she’s dead!!(Slumbs into a coach, weeping seriously)


Jason:(stunned for some minutes,jerks out)wait,hold on a sec,your step mom is dead?


Kelly:(stuters noding)yes she is, she’s gone (gets up)…..


Jason:(watch with surprise as she mechanically get up,walks up to his bar,as if she’s customed with his place,stops in front of the bar,pulls out a bottle of vodka and walked back to her sit)


Kelly:(sits on the couch,uncoake he vodka and take it to her mouth,she chugs it)


Jason:(hurries towards her to get the drink from her)this is vodka not water,do you want to kill yourself? girls don’t drink (tries to snatch it from her,but all to no avail as she clenched tight to the drink)


Kelly:(yells)let go of me jerk,let me just die


Jason:no I won’t let you kill yourself..


Kelly:(cries again)she was nothing but good to me…


Jason:(nods)I know (sits beside her)Kelly moping won’t do any good…


Kelly:she had no reason to take her life,not when I needed her the most….


Jason: what do you mean,did she commit suicide?


Kelly:(sniff)yes I don’t just get it,why would she do it?



Jason:it’s okay,stop crying okay,it’s okay, crying won’t bring her back


Kelly:(wails again)it’s not okay (shakes head)it’s not just okay until she tell me why she had to leave..


Jason:(takes the drink from her,she let him take it,he dropped it on the floor,reaching to hold her hands,he gave her a reassuring squeeze)And just look at these tears they’re soaking up my shirt(he tries to make light of it,she lifted her head and because he didn’t know what to say,he started wiping the tears awkwardly with his thumbs)


Kelly:(smiles a little as he pulled her face to his)


Jason:(without intending to,he started to kiss her ,it seemed the only thing,the best thing to do under that circumstance)






Meanwhile Mr Peter had come back and had called the ambulance, Amanda’s body was brought down and taking to the mougue for embodiment,he kept faking a sorrowful face and shedding crocodile tears….


After the officials had gone,he searched everywhere for Kelly but she was no where to be found, he’d wanted to call her number but brushed off the idea


Mr Peter:(frowns) where’s this girl, isn’t she back, it’s already late and she’s still out there, maybe she’s with Keira,no she can’t be not when I saw her with that boy,I think she’s with him,I should call her right away(dips hand into his pocket and reached down to his phone, taking it out he stared at the bright screen and dropped it back into his pocket)I don’t think I should call her,what if she came back,she must have seen Amanda’s body,I don’t think calling her now is a good idea, I’ll just let her be for tonight when she comes back tomorrow she’ll explain herself, that’s right when she comes back,but for now I’ll just let her be (nod and walked to his bar,he pour himself a stiff bottle of whiskey to clear his head…









Kelly:(nestling in Jason arms, still crying )


Jason:(consoles her,but profoundly disturbed himself,he kept wondering about Amanda’s death)


Kelly:(cries until she slept off in Jason’s arms)


Jason:(looks down and sees her sleeping,taps her)Kelly wake up you need to change into something comfortable,you can’t sleep like this)


Kelly:(stirs and opens her eyes,she start crying again )


Jason:(pulls her up)it’s okay, let’s go up so you’ll change into something comfortable..


Kelly:( drunk,clench to him,as he wrap his arm around her waist and help her up to his room)


Kelly:(sits on the bed)


Jason:(Walks up to the wardrobe and pull out a shirt and hand it to her)This one we’ll do, I’ll be in the living room (goes out)


Kelly:(sleepily she falls back to the duvet,she slept off imediately her back touched the bed, without even changing to the shirt)


Jason:(stays for long and didn’t see Kelly,he goes up to tell her good night,knocks on the door) Kelly are you done?


Kelly:(fast asleep,no reply)


Jason:(still knocking)Kelly can you hear me?(no reply)Well good night(still no reply, worried he open the door and walked inside,he heaved a huge sigh of relief as he sees her lying on the duvet,he gazed at the sleeping beauty and drew close to her,he sighed as he noticed that she was still in her dress,he sit by the edge of the bed and began to caress her hair, slowly he turned her over,undid her button and pulled off her dress, carefully he clad her with the shirt and watch her for some minutes before pulling the sheets over her shoulder,he pecked her on the cheek,mumbles) Goodnight my angel(walks out of the room)


Kelly:(fast asleep,snores lightly)









The Next Morning


Kelly:(stirs and wakes up,she looked around and didn’t see Jason,she looked down at her self and wondered how she manage to change into what she had on,she yawned and stretch then walked out of the bed and into the bathroom,she watched her face and then waddled out of the room, finding her way to the kitchen,she met Jason cooking,he was only in his shorts,he didn’t have a shirt on and there was an apron around his waist,she stood there admiring the muscle that outlined against his skin, finnaly breath’s)Hey, good morning


Jason:(turns and sees her, smiles) morning cupcake, you’re awake already




Jason:How was your night?


kelly: Good,ummmh are you the one that change me up


Jason:yeap hope you’re not angry with that


kelly:No it’s okay,was just asking,so what are you doing?(pops her head and looks around to check what he was preparing)


Jason:Am just fixing a little thing for my girlfriend


Kelly:For me?




Kelly:Awwnn(giggles) that’s so good of you..


Jason:it’s nothing,I figured you’ll be hungry when you wake up…


Kelly:okay,do you have an extra toothbrush?


Jason:ummmh, no but if you want,you can just use mine,use my toothbrush…


Kelly:(giggles) Alright if you don’t mind


Jason:go ahead it’s fine, it’s in the bathroom,just wash it…


Kelly:Are you sure you dont mind?


Jason:yeah don’t worry about it and haven’t said that you look good in that


dress,you look really good…..



Kelly:(raise brow)


Jason:(nods)for real


Kelly:(giggles)thank you,are you sure you don’t mind?


Jason:No I don’t,go ahead and use it..


Kelly:okay (goes back inside)


Jason:(he leans against the door and watch her for some minute, smiles and turn


back to continue with what he was doing…






Kelly:(strolls Into the room and inched to the bathroom,she brushed and washed her face again,then she stood in front of the mirror,for what seemed like an enternity, before going back to the room,she slumped into the bed as many thoughts began to find their way into her head,she breaks into tears again) Amanda why?


You told me that everything is going to be alright..


why did you have to take your own life?


why did you die just after Dad apologies to me,when I taught that everything was going to be alright, what’s going on?


I don’t get any of this..(gets up and began to pace up and down the room,she sit back on the bed still sobbing)I know that Amanda is not a weakling,she would never take her own life,she would never leave me when I need her more,why do I have a feeling that Dad is behind all this,ahh it better not be,you better prove my hunch wrong..


Jason:(opens door and walks in)Food is served my lady


Kelly:(doesn’t look at him,with a voice muffled up with sobs) I’ll be with you in a




Jason:(nots her voice)K are you crying again?(stares down at her)k please don’t cry(sits by her side and hold her hands) it’s okay k, you’ve been crying since yesterday, don’t cry again please, let’s go down so you could eat then I’ll drop you off at your place..



Kelly:(looks up)what?no way am not going home


Jason: you need to go,I really don’t want you to have any problem with your Dad okay,you already spent last night here, he’ll be looking for you by now, everything Will be alright okay, stay cool okay…




Jason:(pulls her up to himself into a warm embrace)it’s okay


Kelly:(nods again,as she disengage from the hug )


Jason:(walks out of the room holding her hands,and heading for the dinning….


Fast Forward


Meanwhile ✍


The cops had manage to drive off the press conference which gatherd in front of Mr Peter’s apartment doing what the know how to do best, taking information.Mr Peter Waited for Kelly’s arrival but didn’t see her,he kept pacing up the staircase,he leaned by the railings and kept gazing at the road,he hurried outside when he saw a car moving towards the direction of his building…


Jason:(haults in front of Kelly’s place)whe’re here,you do take care of yourself okay


Kelly:(nods)I will


Jason:it shouldn’t be just a reply, please do and call me anytime and I’ll be there okay


Kelly:I will,I still got keira you know


Jason:I know but I really want you to take care if yourself okay,I want you you to


be cool and stay put okay…


Kelly:yeah I will


Jason:I love you


Kelly:I love you too,take care of yourself too


Jason:(nods) sure (wants to go back but he holds her back)



Jason:(sighs)k I won’t forgive my if anything happens to you,take care of yourself okay


Kelly:(nods again)


Jason:(pulls her face to his and kiss her deeply on her lips)


Mr Peter:(sees the two love birds,draw close to them and claps, cutting them off)




Kelly: Daddy you startled me!(alights from the car)


Jason:(To Mr Peter) Good day sir


Mr Peter:(doesn’t reply,turns to Kelly)And you,where have you been through out the night?


Kelly: Daddy I was with …


Mr Peter:(snaps cutting her short) Don’t even think of lying to me


Kelly:(in the same spirit) I’m not lying,I was with Jason, we’re together,go ahead and ask him


Mr Peter:(To Jason)Are you sleeping with my daughter?


Kelly:(mouth drop)


Jason:of course not,I respect your daughter,I wouldn’t want to do such


Mr Peter: you’re lying to me (gives him a blow that sent blood spurting from Jason’s mouth)


Jason:(swore tasting blood)what the f**k!!(makes to hit him again)


Kelly:(yells)Dad stop he’s not sleeping with me, even if he is,I taught you said we could be together..


Mr Peter:(turns to Kelly)you get inside


Kelly:(raise a brow)what?


Mr Peter:(bawls moving towards her)I said get inside or do you want to try me?


Jason:(alights from the car,clenching his fist in anger as his knuckles became white)



Kelly:(sulks and goes inside)


Mr Peter:(Turn to Jason)I don’t want to ever see you anywhere near my daughter, Kelly is just doing teenage girls thing,she doesn’t know what she is doing, that’s why am having this conversation with you….








Kelly:(goes into her room and lock the door,she throws her bag on the bed,takes off her shoes and flings them away, sulking she pace up and down the room,groans in anger)I can’t believe Dad,I knew it,he wasn’t calling to apologize,I knew there was something behind it,I don’t still get it,did he really kill Amanda,(panicks)I don’t want to be next,I don’t want to die here,oh God what am I going to do?








Mr Peter:if I ever see you with her, I’ll have your ass kick,I don’t want to warn you next time cause I’ll do whatever is necessary to keep my daughter from you,now I don’t know how deep the both of you are involved and I don’t care,all I care is that it stops today,stay away from her if you don’t want to spend the rest of your miserable life behind bars,do you understand me?


Jason:(swallow hard, glaring daggers at him and waiting at the end of his patience)


Mr Peter:I don’t care if you do but this is your final warning on these subject nonsence(walks away slamming the gate behind him)


Jason:(sighs,goes into his car and drive off)






Kelly:(Takes out phone and tries Jason’s number, mumbles pacing around) please pick up, what’s happening out there, Jay pick up please (phone beeps)


Jason: Hey babe,is everything okay?



Kelly:yes, I’m really sorry for the embarrassment, please forgive my Dad,I think he’s absorbed with Amanda’s death, he’s not his self Okay.


Jason: it’s okay,am not angry


Kelly:you sure?


Mr Peter:(walks up to Kelly’s room,turn the doorknob sideways,but the door didn’t budge,yells banging the door) Kelly open up now,let me through..


Kelly:(fazed as she hears her Dad yell)babe I have to go now?








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