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Episode 35


(She dies )







Ignore if you are not interested in this






Kelly:(cries holding the sheets against her body)




Amanda:(walks in and gasp on seeing Kelly)Oh my God!(walks to her and sits by her side)Again!!




Kelly:(Sobs,averting Amanda’s gaze)What do you care?




Amanda:I care and I’m sorry,I didn’t come on time(wipes Kelly’s tears with the back of her hand)he’s wicked




Kelly:when will this end?





Amanda:its okay,it will soon end




Kelly:(bites lips to muffle her cry)I never knew life will be like this,I just want to die,let me just die




Amanda:you won’t die okay,everything is going to be okay




Kelly:is that the truth or what I keep telling myself to make me feel better




Amanda:k its okay,I think I should just move into this room with you,I’ll sleep here tonight..




Kelly:it doesn’t matter,he already had his way




Amanda:he won’t next time,its a promise,he won’t try it next time




Kelly:what are you going to do,to stop him?




Amanda:don’t let that bother you,leave it to me,just go to bed okay,I’ll be watching you..




Kelly:(stares at her,doesn’t say a word and doesn’t move a muscle)




Amanda:what? I said go to bed,how many times will I say that?







Amanda:Alright make it happen,move,go to sleep




Kelly:okay,I’ll take a shower first..








Kelly:(gets up and walks inside the washroom)




Amanda:(Follows her with her eyes,holding back her tears)




Fast Forward


The Next Morning


Kelly woke up and didn’t find Amanda in bed,she had gone back to her room but Mr Peter was not around he had gone out very early that morning for his election shit…


Kelly felt so sour and pained but reluctantly she did her morning toiletries dressed up and hurried out to meet kiera but when she got down the stairs she met Amanda setting the dinning and placing breakfast…




Kelly:(sighs)Good morning




Amanda:(looks up and sees her)Morning Kelly,going to school already?




Kelly:yes,morning lectures




Amanda:sit and eat with me



Kelly:No don’t worry,I don’t want to be late




Amanda:it won’t take your time,eat Kelly you need it…




Kelly:Am fine








Kelly:Maybe I’m not just hungry




Amanda:or maybe you don’t want your Dad to come back and meet you




Kelly:(sighs and doesn’t reply)




Amanda:(tenderly)Kelly everything’s going to be alright,there’s nothing to be afraid of okay,he won’t try it next time,its a promise okay..








Amanda:sit and eat with me,okay…








Amanda:(push back a seat for her)




Kelly:(sits and force a smile)so what are we having for breakfast?




Amanda:(smiles)its horseradish sauce on fine steak,its really good,I know you’ll like it..




Kelly:(force a smile again)


Kelly phone chimes


Kelly:sorry I’ll take that




Amanda:go ahead




Kelly:(gets up,dips her hand into her bag and brought out her phone,smiles as she saw the caller,it was Jason,she answers it and takes it to her ear)Hey babe




Jason:(smiles)Hi sugar plum,how was your night?












Kelly:Because you were not here with me




Jason:you found a way to tease me(chuckles)




Kelly:No am not teasing,am serious




Jason:That’s sweet,sorry I wasn’t there




Kelly:its okay




Jason:so are you going to school?




Kelly:yes,am about taking breakfast,come join me




Jason:Awwwnn just keep mine,I’ll take it later…




Kelly:I will




Jason:I won’t be seeing you at school today,but I’ll love to see you this evening,let’s go out together,to somewhere fancy,me and you…




Kelly:Awwnn so you’re inviting me on a date?








Jason:yes a special evening for you and me




Kelly:(giggles)that’s so romantic




Jason:so are you coming?




Kelly:yes of course



Jason okay I’ll forward you the venue and time




Kelly:okay bye..




Jason:I love you




Kelly:me too




Jason:what’s that?say it




Kelly:(glance at Amanda,very shy,stutters)I lo…ve you




Amanda:(chuckles softly)




Jason:what did you say?




Kelly:You heard me right




Jason:No I didn’t,say it again




Kelly:(sighs)I love you




Jason:(smiles)Now you’re talking,so I’ll see you later right?




Kelly:Yeah bye…




Jason:bye my love (hangs up)




Amanda:(Chuckles loudly)




Kelly:(playfully)what’s funny?




Amanda:Aah you got yourself a boyfriend..




Kelly:yes I figured out I’ll need someone to be by my side and protect me from dad..




Amanda:Now you’re being so emotional..








Amanda:invite him over








Amanda:invite him for dinner




Kelly:No way,Dad’s gonna kill me..




Amanda:oh my God,I totally forget about that,let’s just eat.





After dinner


Kelly:Thanks that was so delicious,I’ll be going now (pecks her on her cheek)




Amanda:bye,you be good dear,take care of yourself..




Kelly:I will(hurries outside)




Fast forward


Some hours later




Amanda was in the kitchen scrambling eggs,Mr peter walks to his room and found it empty,he tree his briefcase on the bed and hurried out to check if Amanda was in the kitchen,so he could tell her about the bad news.


“He lost the Election”




Amanda:(starts whisking eggs)




Mr peter:(walks into the kitchen yelling)I can’t believe it,all my efforts going down the drain just like that? f**k Jeremy,f**k Churchill,f**k all the candidates,f**k Jeremy he’s a dann cheat and f**k you too Amanda…




Amanda:(stops whisking and stares at him)




Mr peter:(furious)I can’t believe Jeremy passed me,he won



Amanda:(gasp)oh my God! he won,the results came out and you didn’t tell me about it…




Mr peter:Do I look like a newscaster to you,you were supposed to make me win this election…




Amanda:I tried all my best,I gave all I could




Mr peter:your best was not enough you were supposed to put all your time into this but you rather choose to meddle in what I do with Kelly,you were so absorbed with what I do with her that this position slip from me..




Amanda:(Annoyed)don’t blame me for your failure,you should have tried your best too not waiting around for me to do everything while you spend time molesting your only daughter,have you no shame you still had the guts to go to her room after everything




Mr peter:Are you sick,Are you sick? what’s your business with what I do with Kelly,what did I even get in marrying you other than failure?




Amanda:there,you just hit the nail right on the head,you were never even attracted to me at the first place,you just married me because of this election,thank God you lost,and hell yes its my business what you do with Kelly,so let me warn you,if you don’t stop molesting that girl…..




Mr peter:(snaps)what are you going to do?




Amanda:you’ll wake up one day to find out that you didn’t just loose the election but also your face in the public…




Mr peter:(raise a brow)So you want to expose me right,you want to drag my name


in the mud,you won’t try it….




Amanda:you wanna watch me do it,just you try it again




Mr peter:you don’t know what you’re playing with,you’re playing with fire,get ready to be burnt..




Amanda:To hell with you and your empty treats,am not afraid of you,am going to safe her from you,not even you,your treats or anything can stop me,just try molesting her one more time and you’ll wake up not in this house but to find yourself locked behind bars….




Mr peter:ohh I see you’re brave right,,you’re brave okay we shall see(walks out)




Amanda:(hiss)nonsense,idiot,sodemnizing your only daughter and you still have


the guts to stand here and spit nonsense,fool….




Mr peter:(leaves the house,mumbling as he enters his car)Amanda you want to disgrace me right,you want to run me down right,I see the love between you and Kelly is that strong,I’ll get you before you get me,I know just what to do,I’ll get you,I’ll run you down first,I’ll bury you deep down were nobody can get you out,we shall see(revvs engine and drives out)




Fast forward


After school Kelly didn’t go home,instead she followed keira to her own place



Kelly:(As she steps into the living room)oh my God,am famished!!!




Keira:(sits opposite her)I think I got something in this house,just help yourself


out,you’re not a novice….




Kelly:(drops bag,get up and heads for kitchen)




Keira:(rubs face wearily,takes out smart phone,adjust and began to scroll through it)




Kelly:(looks around the kitchen,walks to the fridge,opens it,she sees a coconut ice cream and a meat pie,she takes them out and walks out of the kitchen,lifts them up)look what I found…




Keira:(looks up at her and smiles)good for you…




Kelly:(sits and began to eat them)




Keira:what about jay,have you heard from him…




Kelly:yeah,I’m liking him already…




Keira:that’s good to hear




Kelly:he called this morning and asked me on a date,we’re going out this evening





Keira:you’re one lucky girl




Kelly:(sadly as she remembers all her ordeals)I wish I was…




Keira:what do you mean,ain’t you lucky girl?




Kelly:(flicks hand in dismissal)Never mind..




Keira:ohh okay..




Kelly:(points to the TV)turn that on,would you?




Keira:(gets up)right away




Kelly:(phone beeps)




Keira:(stops at her track)




Kelly:(brings out phone and opens message,mumbles as she sees it)it from jay,its the venue and time




keira:(lifts hand and check time)its 5:30 already,when are you leaving…




Kelly: So fast(mumbles,getting up and dropping the plate)its 6:00 and am still


here,girlfriend let’s go to my place so you’ll help me fix my face….




Keira:you’re cute,I don’t see why you should waste your time putting on a face…




Kelly:I really wanna look awesome..




keira:okay then no need to turn this on,let’s just go right away..(carries her bag)




Kelly:yeah(carries bag and walks out)




Both:(walks out heading to Kelly’s car,they go in,Kelly revv the engine and drives off…




Fast Forward


At Home…


Keira helped Kelly with her make up and also helped her in choosing a perfect red dinner gown,a red louibitton clutch bag and a black stiletto heels which matched perfectly,Kelly smiled as she checked herself for the last time in the wall mirror….




Keira:(tease)So cute,you’ll knock him off….




Kelly:(smiles)I know…




Door opens Amanda walks in and gapes at Kelly…




Amanda:(gasp)Oh my God,you look so mesmerizing…







Amanda:she’s going on the date,better enjoy yourself…




Kelly:yeah I’ll be going now..




Keira:bye get me something when you’re coming back…




Kelly:chicken you don’t need to mention…




Keira:Cool you know…




Amanda:Bye,take care of yourself…




Kelly:of course I will




Keira:drop me off…




Kelly:sorry girlfriend am not going with my car,I’m boarding a cab,I’ll find you something for transport (wants to check bag)




Amanda:don’t worry I’ll handle that…




Kelly:you sure




Amanda:yes I’ll handle it…




Keira:No Ma,don’t let me bug you..




Amanda:I said its okay,I’ll handle it…








Kelly:Thanks (pecks them each on the cheek)see ya(walk out)




Both:Bye(watch and admire her as she walks out,balancing on the stiletto heels as if they were a natural extension of her legs)




Keira:(turns to Amanda)So cute…




Amanda:yeah,just awesome…




Keira:ummh I’ll be going too..




Amanda:no stay and eat with something..




Keira:No I don’t want to..




Amanda:No eat something okay…




Keira:I’m okay,am not hungry…




Amanda:I insist



Keira:okay(smiles)you win.




Amanda:(chuckled)I always do..




Both:(goes out,heading to the dining)…










Kelly walks out of the mansion majestically, she stands by the road to wave a taxi..


Mr peter drives back,heading home with a cake he bought for Amanda,he sees Kelly by the road from a distant and put the car on a break,to watch her for some minute…




Mr peter:(Tossing his head sideways to get a good view of Kelly,Wonders)Where is she going to looking so hot and s£xy? I don’t think she’s going to see Keira,no way,she can’t go to see keira dressed like that,I think she’s still seeing that guy or another guy outside and why is she not using her car,why is she taking a public transport,well there’s only on way to find out,following her..




A car stop by and Kelly hopped inside,the driver speed off,Mr peter turn on the engine,put the car in motion,and drive pass his mansion following the car Kelly’s in…









The car stopped in front of a ritzy Mickey’s eatery,Kelly hopped out and paid the driver off,Mr peter stopped too and watch as she entered the eatery,a guard walked Kelly into the eatery,He got down and followed her in too….




Jason had already gotten a sit and was waiting for her,a smile flicked across her face as he sees her saunting in…




Jason:(as she approach him)oh my God,babe you look breathtaking..




Kelly:(giggles)I do?..




Mr peter:(walks inside,looks around and catch a glance of Kelly and Jay,he takes a sit and watch them)




Jason:yes of course (coes)you look so beautiful,you’re one of a kind..




Kelly:(blush)stop it,you’re making me blush..




Jason:(touch her by the side of her neck)can I?




Mr peter:(watch closely)




Kelly:(smiles and nods slowly)yes…




Jason:(plants a deep kiss on her lips)



Mr peter:(his eyes turns red as he clench his fist in annoyance watching the two love birds,mumbles)I knew it,this slut never listen,not for once,she’s sleeping with him…




Kelly:(points to a sit)please sit




Kelly:(smiles and seats)




Jason:Thanks for coming




waiter:(walks to them)you’re welcome Ma’am so what can I offer you?(hands her list)




Jason:Give us the usual…




Kelly:yeah give me his usual,I don’t mind…




Waiter:okay(takes the menu list from her and walks out)




Mr peter:Kelly had tried me again,I’ll not only deal with her but with that little romeo,but that will be later ,but first I have to deal with my main problem (rolls eyes)Amanda(gets up and leaves the eatery)








Mr peter walked up to his car and drove up angrily,he reached his mansion and walked inside clutching the cake he brought for Amanda




Meanwhile Keira had gone home…..




Amanda:(watching a show in TV and laughing)




Mr peter:(walks in and fakes sweetness)Hey love




Amanda:(turns and looks at him in surprise)And what’s the meaning of that?




Mr peter:(Stands in front of her)can’t I use pet names with you?




Amanda:When did you start using pet names(flicks hand in dismissal and looks away,gluing her eyes back on the TV)




Mr peter:That’s not important I bought you a gift(hands her the cake)




Amanda:(doesn’t collect)Today is not my birthday,neither is it our anniversary so why are you giving me a cake?




Mr peter:I know but I just felt like buying you a gift,can’t I buy you a gift,to show my appreciations for all the good things you’ve done,I know I didn’t win the election but just see this gift as an appreciation for all you’ve done….




Amanda:are you shutting me up with a cake…




Mr peter:No its not a bribe…



Amanda:(sternly)it is and I do not take gifts of guilty conscience (gets up and walks away,heading to her room)




Mr peter:(follows behind her still holding the cake)its not a guilty conscience gift,I just bought it to say thank you for being a good mother to Kelly…




Amanda:(stops at her track and turns to him)




Mr peter:I know I’ve not been a good father to her,am so sorry about that,please forgive me for all the things I said to you and for being a bad dad to Kelly,am really sorry I promise to change from today onwards….




Amanda:(raise a brow)you promise or you’ll change?




Mr peter:(to get Amanda’s pity)I’ll change in fact am a changed person now,if that


will make you happy,just give me a chance to prove myself….




Amanda:Apologize to Kelly




Mr peter:Huh?




Amanda:Apologize to Kelly,I don’t think you’re serious(makes to leave)




Mr peter:okay I will(pretence)where’s she?




Amanda:she’s out,put a call to her and apologize right now..



Mr peter:okay(dips hand into pocket,brings out his phone and dials Kelly’s number)




Kelly:(after eating sea food casserole over a bottle of champagne)ohh that was so delicious,thank you..




Jason:you’re welcome,anything for you my love




Kelly:(giggles)oh that is(phone chimes.brings out phone and sees her dad’s number)excuse me,that’s my dad calling…




Jason:no problem,you’re free..




Kelly:(gets up and moves outside the eatery,she hesitate before picking the call,she’s mute)




Mr peter:(fakes)Kelly baby am so so sorry for all I’ve done to you…




Kelly:(confused,she looks at the caller again to ascertain if it was really her Dad,takes it back to her ear)




Mr peter:Kelly dear am sorry for making you go through all those pains,please find


a place in your heart to forgive me…..




Kelly:whoa,whoa slowdown,I think you called the wrong number…





Mr peter:no its you am talking to,Kelly dear please forgive me….









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