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Episode 35 b(bonus chapter)




(for real she dies )




Kelly:(still doesn’t believe her ears)Dad have you been drinking lately?


Mr Peter:(annoyed but hides it) Kelly love is it that hard to believe am apologizing, I’m really sorry it’s from the dept of my heart baby please forgive me..


Kelly:Daddy it’s not that easy to forget all you’ve done to me..


Mr Peter:I know but please forgive me baby,I love you so much and from today hence forth I promise to see you as nothing but my daughter,go on and be with that boy you’re seeing,I approve..


Kelly:(sighs)if it’s really from your heart then who am I not to forgive you….


Mr Peter:it is,it is Kelly dear please forgive me…


Kelly:I forgive you


Mr Peter:Thanks dear,I love you so much,mwaahhh….


Kelly:(hangs up,smiles as a tear almost escape her eyes but she blinked it back) he’s finnaly Apologize,praise God, he’s changed,am now free(smiles and walks back into the eatery)


Jason:(gets up as she approach him)Babe is everything okay Kelly:(smiles) everything is okay, infact I’ll take another order…(sits)


Jason:cool, I’ll call the waiter(snaps a finger and a maid come rushing towards them)









Mr Peter:I did as you told..


Amanda:(smiles)yes you did


Mr Peter:so now can you please accept my apologies and take my gift (points cake to her) it’s from the dept of my heart


Amanda:I accept(takes it)


Mr Peter:thank you so much (pecks her on the cheek)so can we share?


Amanda:(raise a brow)I thought it was for me?


Mr Peter:yes but I’ll love to share it with you..


Amanda:okay I don’t mind.


Both:(struttled to their room,Mr Peter hands Amanda the cake knife)


Amanda:(slice a portion and first save it for Kelly,she takes a portion and hands it to Mr Peter,she takes a slice for herself)


Amanda:(hesitate before eating it)


Mr Peter:(watch as she eats it, pretending to eat his own as he kept dropping them into the trash bin beside him)


Amanda: Literally this is the best cake I’ve tasted


Mr Peter:(glancing dubiously at Amanda, inwardly)And that’s the last cake you’ll be eating (outwardly)yeah it is and it’s specially for you..


Amanda:ooh that’s so sweet,our family will be best ever now that’ll all be




Mr Peter:(glaring at her and holding his grin)


Amanda:you should get another one,for Kelly….


Mr Peter:you think so?


Amanda:yes do…..(stops as she feels a sharp pain in her stomach,yelps)aahhh…..


Mr Peter:(fakes caring) what’s the problem dear?



Amanda:(mumbles)my stomach, my stomach (deep down she knew something wasn’t right,it felt like something was tearing up her inside,she sprawled on the floor clutching her stomach with both hands)oh my God, I’m dying, I’m dying!!!


Mr Peter:(gets up and laughed down wickedly at her)you see that’s the difference between the both of us,I know all the shit that’s going on in your head but you don’t know what is going on in mine…


Amanda:(looks up)you….you poisoned me?


Mr Peter:(smirks) yes I did


Amanda: you’re wicked(white foamy substance comes out of her mouth as she gasped for air)


Mr Peter:i could be more,now who’s buried deep down,me or you??


Amanda:(Stretch on the floor and doubles over with pains)


Mr Peter:first problem solved,left with those two love birds, I’ll deal with them..


Amanda:(blacks out)


God why!!!


Author Anna:(crying )






/. Minutes Later ⏰


Mr Peter:(clears off the cake and emptied them in the waste bin,he connects a rope to the ceiling fan,using it to hang Amanda’s body,to make it look like she committed suicide,turn off the light,took his car key and hurried out of the house …








Kelly:(as she stepped out or Jason’s car)Thank you very much for the outing,I


enjoyed myself…



Jason: well it was my greatest pleasure,so we’re home right?


Kelly:yeah, I had fun I think we should do this again…


Jason: Anytime if you wish


Kelly:’Thank you very much..


Jason: you’re welcome baby,so can I come and visit you some other time…


Kelly:sure you’re free…


Jason: Hope your Dad’s…..


Kelly:look you can come anytime you wish,just call me..


Jason:okay I’ll see you tomorrow then


Kelly:okay tomorrow


Jason:(kiss her on the lips )I love you


Kelly:(returns kiss)I love you too,bye




Kelly:(walks into the mansion)


Jason:(enter car and drives off)


Kelly:(she stepped inside, everywhere was quiet,no one was in the living room,wonders looking around) Where’s everybody this night, why’s everywhere this quiet, where’s Amanda, why’s she not watching TV,is she even around,let her be oo,I don’t want to stay in this house alone even if he’s apologize I don’t still trust him(looks everywhere for Amanda she doesn’t see her,she walks up to Amanda’s room,she knocked and there was no reply,she knocked again and couldn’t wait so she gently turn the doorknob sideways,the door creaked open,the room was quiet and dark,not just that it was creepy to her, stretching her hand sideways near the door,she turn on the bulb and the most horrific sight met her eyes, Amanda hanging lifeless down the ceiling….


Kelly:(yells)oh my God! what the hell!oh my God,Noooooo!!!(clasp a hand over her mouth and runs out of the house with tears flowing down her face, reaching outside she dipped her hand into her clutch bag,brings out her phone and dials Jason number



Kelly:(catching her breath) please pick up,answer your call, please Jay pick up


(hear beeps from the other end)


Jason; hey babe what’s it?


Kelly: could you please turn back and pick me up?


Jason:is anything wrong?


Kelly:please just turn back and pick me up,please hurry up


Jason:okay right away(hangs up,and takes a u turn)


Kelly:(pacing up and down by the road,with great panic in her mind)


****5 minutes later***


Kelly:(sighs as she sees Jason car moving towards her direction)


Jason:(haults in front of Kelly)


Kelly:(dash into the back of the car and slams the door)just go,go anywhere please


just go,you can take me to your place, I don’t mind,just go…


Jason:(confused)K what’s wrong?


Kelly:(panicking)just go,go,just go please, I’ll tell you when we get there ….


Jason:(sighs and drives off stealing glances at Kelly through the side mirror)








Daddy Sex Toy 18+


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