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Episode 34




(oh no )


Jason:Have you been standing there for long?


keira:No I just came in,don’t worry I didn’t see you guys




Jason:your friend’s crazy


Kelly:(remembers lecture)oh my God!! Keira we’ll miss class keira:That’s right,statistics let’s hurry up,we might catch up.

Kelly:sure(turns to Jason)I really need to go for class now,call me later okay…


Jason:okay(coes)sugar plum(pecks her)bye(turns to Keira)see you babe..


Both:bye,see you.


Jason:(smirks and walks away,mumbles)yes!! mission fulfilled


keira;(tease)sugar plum




keira:so you’ve accepted to be his girlfriend,what made you change your mine? Kelly:nothing


keira:then tell me nothing,there’s something Kelly Kelly:maybe I just needed a boyfriend.. keira:(smiles)oh I see,let’s go to class now..


Kelly:yeah and we’ll have to take a back seat,we’re late….


Both:(walks out heading to lecture hall)


*****Fast forward


At home


Kelly:(sighs as she walked into the house)geez school is so tiring,classes and classes and(froze as she sees her Dad)




Mr peter:(gives a dour smile and walked up to her)




Kelly:(fazed,she moved back as he approach her)




Mr peter:so you think you’re smart right?




Kelly:(shakes head)No




Mr peter:you think you’re smart(grins)




Kelly:(shakes head again)No




Mr peter:I’ll deal with you,I’ll make this house unbearable for you








Mr peter:you better call one of your friends to pack in with us,so he or she would be protecting you cause I’ll kill you in this house




Kelly:(fazed,she averts his gaze)


Mr peter:nonsense (walks out pushing her with his shoulder)




Kelly;(almost fell down but quickly regained her composure)








Amanda:(sits on the Stool and placed her head on the dressing table,almost dozing off)


phone Chirm


Amanda:(wearily she stretch her hand and pick up the phone,without checking who the caller was )


Jason:(from the callers end)Good day Ma’am


Amanda:(nots Jason voice)hey jay how are you doing?


Jason:am fine


Amanda:So how’s it going?


Jason:good,she’s accepted to be my girlfriend


Amanda:oh she did?that’s nice.




Amanda:Jay you see Kelly needs you now,please stay by her side always,don’t


leave her,she needs you now more than anything else,just try to be real to her…


jason:that’s what am doing,I totally forgot this was a set up..


Amanda:Don’t psych your self out,just be real,I’ll talk to you later,give my love to Mitch..


Jason:oh sure,I will,bye ma’am.


Amanda:Good bye,do take care of yourself okay…


Jason:sure ma’am


Amanda:okay bye(hangs up)…….


Amanda:(sighs,drops phone and rest her head again on the dressing table)







That Night


Mr Peter’s room


Mr peter:So what do you say about that……




Amanda:Goodnight (Adjust pillow and cover herself up with the sheet)




Mr peter:But I was talking to you..




Amanda:I’m feeling sleepy,I need some sleep




Mr peter:just like that,but we’re still discussing..




Amanda:(wearily)well do that tomorrow,I really need to sleep(goodnight)




Mr peter:(frowns glaring daggers at her)




Amanda:(sleeps and begins to snore lightly)




Mr peter:so fast (watch her for some minutes as she sleeps)silly woman




Amanda:(sleeps deeply)




Mr peter:(rest his head on the bed board,crossing his arms on his chest)


*****30 minutes later*****



Mr peter:(gets up and walks out of the room heading to Kelly’s room,he stopped at the door,wait for some minutes before turning the door knob sideways,the door creaked open)




Kelly:(fast asleep)




Mr peter:(walks into the room and closed the door slowly behind him)




Kelly:(stirs and lies sideways but didn’t wake up)




Mr peter:(inch to her and perch by the side of the bed,he slip his hand into her nightie to caress her butt)




Kelly:(stirs almost half awaken)




Mr peter:(leans over her and pecks her on the cheek,he grabbed her butt firmly from behind)




Kelly:(stirs and wakes up,sees him and shrieks,she wants to yell but he clasped his hand over her mouth)




Mr peter:(with his hand still over her mouth)shhhh….quiet,I need you now.


Kelly:(shakes her head in defiance)




Mr peter:(grabs her by her hair and forcefully kissed her)





kelly:(push him away with all her power)get away from me.




Mr Peter:(hits her hard across the face)




Kelly:(yelps holding her cheek)Aah Oh my God,you slapped me…




Mr Peter:(sternly)Now look here Kelly,you’re my toy and you belong to me,I get you any time I want,and anyhow I need it,you give it to me,so there’s only one option,its either you play along and let me do my job or I do it by force,what’s it gonna be?




Kelly:No way,that was a long time ago I don’t belong to you anymore and I’ll never let you have your way,so get out of my room now…




Mr Peter:then you leave me with no other option than to do this by force(tries to get on top of her but she struggled and got up from the bed)










Minutes Later


Kelly’s room is scattered,broken verse,torn nightie,pieces of broken items all on the




Kelly lay naked on the bed sobbing uncontrollably as Mr peter got up and smiled


wickedly down at her and doing his trouser fly…




Kelly:(swears wearily)I hate you,I so much hate you,monster,moron…




Mr peter:(sternly)shut up or do you want me to go another round…




kelly:(mute,clench to the sheets still sobbing slowly)




Mr peter:(grins)good(walks out of her room)




Kelly:(mumbles as fresh tears envelope her eyes )I hate you,I hate you (cries again)




Amanda:(stirs and wakes up,she looked around and didn’t see Mr peter in bed) Too late



Amanda:(mumbles to herself)I pray it shouldn’t be,let it not be(rubs her eyes wearily and jumped to her feet)




Mr peter:(walks into the room,smiling mischievously)




Amanda:(suspicious)Where are you coming from?




Mr peter:Am I supposed to answer that,cause your face looks like it wants to keep on talking.




Amanda:Don’t tell me you’re coming from Kelly’s room




Mr Peter:what if I did,what will you do?




Amanda:(doesn’t reply,dash out of the room heading to Kelly’s)













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