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Episode 33




Keira: k you don’t mean that.


Kelly: I do,just go,go away


Keira: I’m not going anyway


Kelly:(raise brow)Huh?


Keira:ill sleep over


Kelly: if you wanna go just go,stop kidding okay Kira:Am not


Kelly:(shines her eyes)Are you serious?


Keira:yes If I go home it’ll make me look like a bitch and of course am not a bitch so I’ll stay..


Kelly:(very happy that she’s safe for the night)Thank you girlfriend,you don’t know what this means to me(hugs keira very tight)


Keira:(stands still as Kelly hugs her,finding it difficult to breath because of Kelly’s hair which cover’s her face)


Uuhhh(in a muffled voice)can’t breath Kelly:(playfully,as she disengage from the hug)Sowie Kira:so is that why you were shading tears? Kelly:(smiles)yes


Keira: wow so am that important to you,and all this while I taught I was a joke Kelly:you won’t just know


Keira:(chuckles)I guess am free now,I’ll be watching a movie downstairs.. Kelly:me too,let’s go


Both:(walks out of the room,heading to the living room)



▶▶Fast Forward ▶▶


That Night Kelly slept comfortably as Keira slept by her side,three was nothing to be fazed about,she slept more comfortably than she had done in some days..


Mr Peter got up leaving Amanda alone on the bed heading to Kelly’s room,he turned the door knob sideway and the door slid open,when he switch on the light his eyes almost poped out of their socket as he saw the two girls lying under the sheet.


Keira:(stirs but doesn’t wake up)


Mr Peter:(mumbles frustrated)what the!so she’s smart right,really smart,she asked her friend to sleep with her(points to Kelly sleeping form)I’ll get you some other time,I’ll sure get you (turn off light and sneaked out of the room)


The Next Morning✍


Keira:(stirs and wakes,stretch and yawn,roll out of bed,she crosses through the room,goes to the window and draws the window blind,the morning rays shines into the room,reflecting on Kelly’s face)


Kelly:(blinks and stirs as light penetrates into her eyes)


Keira:wakie,wakie,rise and shine…


Kelly:(stirs and wakes)


Keira:(smiles)good morning girlfriend


Kelly:morning best bite


Keira:How was your night?


Kelly:it was so,so good,thank you,you made my night..


Keira:I did?


Kelly:(sits up)yes of course


Kelly:(phone chimes)


Keira:I’ll get it for ya (walks to the dressing table,picks up Kelly’s phone,see’s the caller,it was Jason,turns to Kelly and announce)Its Jason


Kelly:leave it





Kelly:(shakes head)don’t answer it


Keira:k its jay oo


Kelly:(sternly)I said leave it


Keira:(snaps and drops phone)your wish!!


Kelly:I don’t want to talk to him


Keira:why,what’s going on between the both of you?


Kelly:nothing,I just don’t want to talk to him


Keira:okay,get up let’s prepare for lectures(squints hitting her face with her hand)stupid me I didn’t bring my clothes..


Kelly:do you always have a habit of hitting your face when something goes wrong..


Keira:that’s not important,I’ll just go now,I’ll see you in school.


Kelly:No,I got a lot of clothes,you can wear anything you want..


Keira:I’ll just go,I wouldn’t want to impose..


Kelly:(watch her sternly)


Keira:(sulks)oh hell! I’m desperate am imposing..


Kelly:(smiles)c’mon let’s shower(gets up)


▶▶Fast Forward▶▶


At School(30 mins after lunch)


Keira:(as they throttle heading to the lecture hall)Can you imagine that guy he’s damn crazy(chuckles as they stop at the alley heading to the rest room)


Kelly:So crazy,he was like(mimicks)”ahh she’s hot,oh my God am outside (chuckles)




Kelly:(turn slowly and sees Jason standing by a corner,try to avoid him)let’s go and get lunch..



Keira:(stop and peers at Kelly)but we just had lunch


Kelly:lets go and get that crisp chicken you’ve been craving for,please am hungry don’t say no


Keira:okay(turns and sees Jason)oh my God!you’re avoiding him..


Kelly:No am not


Keira:you are


Kelly:No please am not,I just..


Keira:cut it off,stop lying,just tell him you don’t like or need him,stop stalling him and giving him high hopes..


Kelly:that’s not it..


Keira:okay you don’t like guys..


Kelly:that’s not it,either


Keira:then what?


Kelly:(stutters) I….just…I


Keira:Am calling him over


Kelly:No please don’t


Keira:I am(Turns to Jason direction)Hey jay,jay


Kelly:(looks at Kira and notice she wasn’t looking at her so she sneaks into the alley and runs toward the restroom)


Jason:(hears voice and turns towards the direction the voice was coming from,he sees Keira)


Keira:(beckons with her finger for him to come)hey,over here,Kelly wants to(turns to look at Kelly but doesn’t see her,she looks around but Kelly was no where to be found)


Jason:(walks to where Keira is)




Kelly:(opens one of the girls toilet and dash into it)Oh my God!(holds her chest,try to catch her breath)that was so so close.





Jason:Hey,what are you looking for?


Keira:Kelly,she was right here,I turned to call you and now I can’t find her


Jason:Kelly’s avoiding me


Keira:I think she is,my friend have not been herself lately,just recently she was admitted in the hospital for food poisoning..


Jason:(gasp)oh my God,food poisoning,hope she’s alright?


Kira:yeah she is…


Jason:so where do you think she might go?


Keira:I really don’t know,you think we should go look for her?


Jason:I think so(looks around and points to alley)uuhhm where do this lead to?


Keira:To the restroom


Jason:you look for her around,I’ll take the alley,I have a hunch she’s some where around here..


Keira:okay well see each other here,come right out if you don’t see her..


Jason:sure(walks into the alley)


Keira:(walks away)




Kelly:(she turns on the fucet and and wash her face in the basin,she cuts a tissue and wipes her face with it)Keira have really gone far on this,I just don’t know what to do,I need Jason but I can’t talk to him,Dad’s gonna kill me if he finds out and keira is just forcing it,she’s made it look like am avoiding him (lift hand and check watch)aah lecture have begun,what am I still doing here,I think they are gone now (open door slowly,pokes her head out and looks sideway,she doesn’t see anybody so she walks out)


Jason:(sees her,tiptoes and follows behind)


Kelly:(feels like she was being followed,turns back to check,trying to ascertain if she was being followed or not)



Jason:(pulls her into one of the restroom )I got you


Kelly:(struggles to free herself from his firm grip)let go of me,get your hands off me,get away from me


Jason:(increase his grip on her arm)come on hear me out,why the sudden change? Kelly:(yelps)ouch….get out


Jason:(pulls her to himself)what’s wrong with you?(loose his grasp on her)


Kelly:sorry I can’t be your friend




Kelly:Dad said you’re bad for my life(it just rolled out)


Jason:And you’re going to listen to him?


Kelly:sorry but I have to,you’re not good for my life(starts taking strides)


Jason:(pulls her back to himself)


Kelly:let go of me


Jason:look I don’t want to hurt you,you hear me.all I have for you is nothing but love..




Jason:yes I had feelings for you the first day actually and I couldn’t hide it,that’s why I’ve been wanting to talk to you


Kelly:is that so?


Jason:yeah i love you..




Jason:So would you be my girlfriend?


Kelly:(Doesn’t reply)


Jason:Kelly don’t say no please I love you…


Keira:(walks in and stand by one of the restroom watching them)


Both:(they didn’t see her)



Kelly:(almost breaks into tears as she remembers all that she’s been going through,thinking to herself)Oh God,what am I going to do,should I just keep stalling to protect my life and his,but am also putting my life in danger if I keep stalling,Dad will think I have no one to protect me,maybe I should just let him be my friend,it won’t hurt anyone,who knows he might protect me from my monster of a father…


Keira:(watch her friend in surprise)


Jason:(shakes her a little)Kelly are you with me?


Kelly:(jerks out of her thoughts)huh?


Jason:you seem lost in your thoughts what’s disturbing you?


Kelly:(shake head)No am fine..


Jason:So would you be my girlfriend?


Kelly:(nods immediately)


Jason:Are you serious?


Kelly:(giggles)yes I’ll be your girlfriend


Jason:yes!!!(chuckles and lifts her up)ahh you weight more than you look(drops her)




Jason:I love you(smiles and kiss her on her lips)


Kelly:(doesn’t resist him)


Keira:(chuckles behind them)ohh finally


Both:(turns to her direction)








Daddy Sex Toy❤



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