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Episode 32


(Pains and hatred )




Kelly:i’m fine


Keira:Don’t worry, I’ll drive




Amanda :you sure


Keira:yes I’ll drive, all she needs to do is sit back while I take care of her tomorrow


Amanda :that is so friendly of you


Keira:what are friends for?


Kelly:now you’re being so sweet




Amanda:that’s nice to hear, i’ll go change up now Both:okay


Amanda :(walks away)


Keira:so girlfriend any news about Jason?


Kelly:(remembers her Dad warnings and change topics) I think am hungry, could you make me something to eat?


Keira:sure what do I make you?




Keira:Noodles is no food, what do you wanna eat?


Kelly:come on k that’s my cravings


Keira:okay how should I make it, fried, steam, perboiled in sauce…..


Kelly :Jesus k, we’re talking about noodles here, make it anyhow do you have to ask questions.



Keira:okay am out(makes to leave but stops) where’s your kitchen?


Kelly:(sighs) as if you don’t know


Keira:well I don’t know


Kelly:downstairs by your left.


Keira:okay(walks out)


Kelly:(breaks into tears again, clutching her stomach)








Mr peter:(sitting in a chair near the bed with his cheek proped on one elbow)


Amanda :(hiss and walks in)


Mr peter:(lift eyes and sees her, doesn’t talk)


Amanda :(mute too)


Mr peter:(fixing his gaze at her)


Amanda :(walks to the wardrobe and flings through it, searching for a cloth to change into)


Mr peter :(finally speaks up but showing no emotions) How’s she Amanda :(in the same spirit) she’s alive


Mr peter :what do you mean by that? I asked about her welfare not if she’s alive or dead.


Amanda:And you got your answer, she’s alive.


Mr peter :(annoyed) I won’t have you insult me (walks out heading to Kelly’s room)


Amanda:(hiss) nonsense…








Kelly:(lying face up, staring at the ceiling, trying hard to console herself)


Mr peter:(claps his hand as he walks into Kelly’s room) Good thing she’s making friends, cool friends


Kelly:(fazed, she gets up, wipes her face and moves backward) Stay away from me


Mr peter :(smirks)how are you?


Kelly:Am not fine you caused me so much pains


Mr peter :I did?


Kelly :As if you’ve not realize, just leave me alone..


Mr peter :(with a mischievous smile dangling around the corner of his lips) Am not holding you am I?


Kelly:just leave my room or…


Mr peter :(sternly) or what?


Kelly:I’ll scream down this whole building


Mr peter:And so?


Kelly:Am not alone, I got Friends..


Mr peter :(laughs) you’re hilarious


Kelly:(fix him a stern look and shrugs)


Mr peter :(stops laughing) oh you’re serious, you were talking about Keira and Amanda, you know I could actually send Kiera home and hurt you if I want to and Amanda your new friend won’t do anything to safe you, I hope you’re not still swing that boy.


Kelly:(looks away and doesn’t reply)


Mr peter :you didn’t get rid of it….


Kelly:I did


Mr peter:Then whats that money still doing in your drawer and why did you bleed when I hit you .



Kelly:There’s no need for that, its gone you caused it, so stay away from me.. Mr peter :so you didn’t want to get rid of it, you don’t ever listen do you?


Kelly:(furious, with new anger flowing through her veins) just shut up, you don’t know how it feels, it hurts it really do but you won’t know how it feels because you’re heartless, monster…


Mr peter :(surprise) Do you realize you’re talking to me?


Kelly :Damn you monster, i’m talking to you, you caused my miscarriage, Beast I hate you, I so much hate you , I wish the earth will just open up and swallow you…


Mr peter:(makes to hit her, but door opens)


Mr peter:(drops hand and sits)


Keira:(opens door and walks in)


Mr peter:(pretends as if to pet Kelly as he sees Kiera) Oh my dear, its okay come sit with Daddy(pulls her to the bed)


Kelly(sits beside him)


Keira:is everything good and clean in here?


Both:everything is fine


Keira:(peers dubiously at them) are you sure?




Mr peter :(looks away averting Keira’s gaze)


Kelly:are you done?


Keira;No I just came to check on you..




Keira:Am in the kitchen(makes to leave)


Kelly:wait I’ll go with you(gets up)


Mr peter:(glares at her, giving her one of those”Don’t try me”looks)


Kelly:(Averts his gaze and walks out with Keira)



Mr peter:(mumbles annoyed) oh Kelly you think you’re smart right, no prob I’ll deal with you, I know how am going to break her completely





After cooking


Kelly:(eats) oh my God, this is so sweet, you sure know how to cook..


Keira:(chuckles) c’mon babe noodles is no food, everyone can prepare noodles,who doesn’t?


Kelly:(frowns) I don’t


Keira:you’re kidding


Kelly:(chuckles) seriously I can’t


Keira;And am shocked


Kelly:Not as if I can’t prepare them, but it can’t taste halfway like yours, you really can cook


Keira;(giggles) Awwwnn, am not only a pretty face you know?


Kelly:(sweetly) So girlfriend you won’t go home this night will you?


Keira:I will


Kelly:please sleep over this night, I need you by my side Keira:you don’t mean it


Kelly:I do, let’s share my room please


Keira:(shakes head) I can’t I need to go home


Kelly:(touch her hand) please


Keira:No girlfriend I don’t think that’s a good idea…


Kelly:(with pity) Please just do this one thing for me Keira:I can’t



Kelly:fine (push her chair back, gets up and throws her chopsticks on the floor before walking out)


Keira :(to her back) Kelly…


Kelly:Don’t Kelly me, just get out….


Keira: Am sorry I can’t (to herself) Now that’s the rude part I’ve been waiting for, I need to go home but she doesn’t seem okay, there’s more to this sickness of hers, but am really a terrible friend, the other day she called asking me to come over but I didn’t, and now she’s asking me to sleep over but I turned her down, I think I should spend this night with her, maybe that will make her feel better(gets up) that’s it, I’ll do it(starts clearing the dishes and packing them to the kitchen then she goes upstairs heading to Kelly’s room)


Kelly:(pace up and down in her room, sits and breaks into tears as her taught strayed to her present ordeal)


Door opens Keira enters and Kelly jumps up and shout at her…


Kelly:(furious) What are you still doing here? (Wipes her tears)


Keira:(nots Kelly face) Kelly we’re you crying?


Kelly:That’s not what I asked you, what are you still doing here?




Kelly:Don’t girlfriend me…


Keira:Here me out first…


Kelly:I won’t, just leave okay, get out…


Keira : Kelly….


Kelly:I hate you, you’re not my friend, go away










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(She’s Accepted)❤

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