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Episode 31


(she lost it)







Kelly:(blood trickle from her body, rolling lazily down her laps)


Amanda:(push him away and dash into the room, she sees Kelly and hurried towards her,she was in serious pain as she lay motionless on the floor)Oh my God, she’s your daughter,for God’s sake your only daughter, what did you do to her(sees the trail of blood down Kelly’s lap)Oh my God (to herself) she’s losing it, she’s losing the baby.


Mr Peter:(Hiss and walk away)


Amanda:(search every where for Kelly’s phone,she sees it on the dressing table,picks it up and dials some emergency number into it)


Fast Forward


The ambulance siren blared the compound as Kelly was being led out on a stretcher,Mr Peter didn’t show up he remained in his room as his blood boiled with



intense hatred for Kelly,he just hated her for being so stubborn and for disobeying him…


Amanda:(To Kelly as she was being taken on a stretcher heading to the ambulance) Just stay strong okay


Kelly:(nods weakly)is it gonna be fine,will I loose it.


Amanda:I can’t tell but I pray nothing happens to the both of you okay.


Kelly:(nods again as tears stream down her face)


Ambulance staff:(To Amanda) Ma’am will you like to join us now or move back as we’re about to leave?


Amanda: I’ll go with you (To Kelly,Drily but with flavor) I’m with you baby, I’m here for you


Amanda got a sit in the ambulance a tear almost escape her as she watch as Kelly wriggled in pains as she was being cleaned up


Mr Peter:(watch from the window as the ambulance drove out,he hissed a long one) Just won’t listen when you’re being asked to,she didn’t get rid of it,she bleed, she thinks she is smart,she really wanna tarnish my image, I’m going to show her am smarter,just hope that bastard flush out,after this I know she won’t disobey me next time….


Amanda:(wonders inwardly)What kind of a man is he, molesting and assaulting his only daughter,what is he not telling me about Kelly, he’s definitely hiding something but am going to find out about it, poor Kelly’s being used(Hiss)




Nurses:(Hurries out with a push up trailer and wheeled Kelly in it heading to the theater for examination)


Amanda:(was given the hospital uniform to wear,a blue hospital gown and a white cap along with a blue mask,she was the last to enter the hospital,she watch as the doctor and some nurses see to Kelly)




Doctor/nurses:(masked faces peered at each other, sending sad message with their eyes)



Kelly:(Have been sadated,and put to sleep)


Amanda:(worried) Doctor, how’s it,is it okay


Doctor:(sighs) Ma’am can we step outside (takes off his gloves)


Amanda:(extremely disturbed)No tell me here,did she loose it?


Doctor:yes Ma’am she lost it, we’re really….


Amanda:(curses)Monster,Moron,he killed his own child..




Amanda:(scratch head)I was not talking to you..


Doctor: I’m sorry,the feoutus was really coyed,it couldn’t be saved at that time…


Amanda:it’s okay,so when is he going to be discharged?


Doctor: Tomorrow if you don’t mind


Amanda:I don’t


Doctor: Tomorrow then,Sorry for the bad news (walks out,nurses follows behind him)


Amanda:(Hiss and sits near Kelly,on the bed and began to caress her hair)


Early the Next Morning


Amanda:(Already up and pacing in the room,she heaved a frustrated sigh as her eyes strolled to Kelly who laid on the hospital bed with some machine connected to her)


Kelly:(opens eyes slowly and shut them close, because of the intense brightness of the hospital room,she opened them again and blinked severally trying to get used to the brightness,the sound of continuous tickling rang in her ear,she turned to were the sound came from and saw a transitor machine with green Zig zag lines which read up and down as it ticked)


Amanda:(turns and sees that she’s awake)Oh my God,k you’re awake,how are you feeling?


Kelly:I feel better (taps stomach)hope it’s okay Amanda:(Sighs)Am sorry



Kelly:(raise a brow )For what?


Amanda:(move close to her and sits on the age of the bed)am sorry I caused you this,if I didn’t throw words at him,he wouldn’t have done it,and this wouldn’t have happened, I’m really sorry…


Kelly:(still doesn’t get it)It’s not your fault,it’s mine,I brought myself into this


Amanda:I don’t think you get what am talking about…


Kelly:what are you taking about?


Amanda: I’m sorry to say this but you….


Kelly:(understand but doesn’t want to accept it)No, don’t say it(shakes head) it’s not true, stop kidding, don’t tell me I lost it ..


Amanda:you did, I’m sorry…




Amanda:(consoles her)it’s okay,it’s okay please don’t cry,I know it’s painful but gets hold of yourself (wipes Kelly’s tears with the back of her hand)


Kelly:(bites her lip to muffle her cry)


Amanda: That’s life,the baby wasn’t meant to be


Kelly: don’t say that,it don’t know how it hurts,I feel broken right now,that baby was my only reason to survive,it was the only thing that gave me hope,Dad have taken away everything that makes me happy,he have completely ruined me


Amanda:(wipes her tears again)it’s okay just get hold of yourself….


Door opens and Kiera hurries in


Keira:(yells as she sees Kelly)what the hell, girlfriend what happened to you?


Kelly:(looks away and does not answer)


Keira:(turns to Amanda) Good morning ma..


Amanda:Good morning how how are you?


Keira:(fakes a cry to gain Kelly’s pity)ahhh am not fine to,please help me tell girlfriend that I’m really sorry,I was just so busy yesterday,I couldn’t come


Kelly:(flicks hand ✋ in dismissal)oh please cut that off


Keira:(stops her fake cry)But am serious,i was really busyI could have visited last


night but then on a second thought it would be better if I come this morning…


Kelly:who told you am here?


Keira:your step mom


Amanda: Read some more erotic and romantic stories on Topster_stories. episodes…(glance at Kelly to see her reaction,but she didn’t show any feelings)


Keira:What happened to you I heard you fell sick Kelly:(tries to talk but found her self staring at Keira)


Amanda:(sighs and lies)she ate the egg salad,it was poisoned,it wasn’t meant to be eaten but she ate them all


Kelly:(gives Amanda a surprise look for lying to cover up for her)


Keira:(playfully)Sowie but look at her after she’ll be going around eating poisoned food,but I’ll be the one to be called foodie, meanwhile she deserves a food award(Playfully makes a make believe tag with her finger)best poison eater(chuckles)


All:(burst into laughter)


Amanda:oh my God this girl is something else


Kelly:indeed hilarious


(Kiera phone chimes)


Kiera: I’ll take this(picks call and walk to the other side of the room)Hello babe


Tyler:K how are you


Kiera:Am good what about you


Tyler:Am not fine




Tyler:Cause you’re avoiding me.


Kiera: No,why did you say so?



Tyler: I’m in front of your place and I can’t find you,were are you, cause I know you don’t have any lectures today…


Kiera:see Kelly is in the hospital right now and she really need me..


Tyler:are you serious?




Tyler: now I feel like a jerk


Kelly:no it’s okay, you don’t know..


Tyler:can I come and see her?


Tyler:can I come and see her?


Keira: sure you can,please do..


Tyler:just text me the address of the hospital and I’ll be there..


Keira: okay I’ll do that, Love you xoxoxo


Tyler: love you too baby (hangs up)


fast forward


That evening Kelly was discharged immediately Tyler left the hospital,Keira helped Amanda take her home…


Both:(as she almost slip) careful




Keira: girlfriend I hope you’ll be coming to school tomorrow


Amanda: she won’t


Kelly: I’ll go


Amanda:but you’re sick


Kelly: I’m fine


Amanda: you’re not







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