Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

Episode 30


(Pains ✌)




Ignore if you are not grown enough to read such story..




Mr peter:(yells very furious)Kelly,Kelly(makes to leave the room)


Amanda:she didn’t tell me anything,i found it out myself


Mr Peter:you made yourself an Fbi official in my house right,i won’t be fooled by you(walks out of the room,heading to Kelly’s room)


Amanda:(follows behind him)stay away from her,don’t touch her..


Mr peter:woman you don’t tell me what to do with my daughter.


Amanda:Am also a parent to her and she’s my friend too so i won’t let you hurt her(stand in front of him,obstructing him from going any further)



Mr peter: leave my way


Amanda:(doesn’t move,taps feet on the floor)


Mr peter:leave my way


Amanda:(doesn’t reply)


Mr peter:(annoyed)you really do not know me,you don’t know what am capable of doing, now for the last time leave my way(she doesn’t reply,push her and walk away)


Amanda:(staggered and gained her composure)


Mr Peter:(flings Kelly’s room door open and walks in)


Kelly:(gasp and wakes,shrieks and gets up)


Amanda:(makes to dash in but he jammed the door before her)


Mr Peter:(locks the door from inside,turns and glares at Kelly)


Kelly:(in a breaking voice)what do you want?


Mr peter: so you tried me,you neglected my warnings,you told her about it




Mr Peter:Amanda of course.


Kelly:(fazed) I’m sorry she found me out


Mr peter:(annoyed)you’re lying to me(slaps)


Kelly:(falls back on the bed, holding her cheek)am not lying to you


Mr peter:you are


Kelly: no point in arguing, just go ahead and kill me if you want to


Mr Peter: shut up


Kelly:i won’t shut up,Daddy you’re very……


Mr Peter: (furiously he hit her again and punched her on her stomach)


Kelly:(wails as the pain caught her)..Amanda:(hears kelly wails from inside,scratch her head in confusion thinking of what to do)what am i going to do,uuuhh he’s sure gonna kill her (hits her forehead) come on think, save this girl..



Mr peter:(holds her by her hair using it to pull her up from the bed,push her down Kelly:(falls on her stomach)oh my God(clutch her stomach)


Mr peter:(kicks her on the stomach,in annoyance)next time i tell you not to do something,just don’t do it(kicks her again on her stomach)


Kelly:(wail the more as she began to bleed)aahhhh somebody help me(tries to crawl on the floor still clutching her stomach,but he kicks her again)


Amanda:(threatens from outside, banging the door) open up now or I’m calling the cops,I’m calling the cops


Mr peter:(leaves kelly and opens the door)






Daddy Sex Toy 18+

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