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Episode 29



(pains )




Amanda:(frowns and scratch head in a confused state)


Doctor:Ma it seems you’re not happy with the pregnancy,what is it?


Amanda:is this an interview?


Doctor: I’m sorry I’ll take my leave(Gather things)


Amanda:No prob I’ll call you when I need you again.


Doctor: I’ll leave now,have a nice day(walks out)


Amanda:(mumbles and walks back to Kelly’s room)Oh my God,what I feared most is here.


Kelly:(sits up and leans her head against the headboard, tapping her stomach) Amanda:(open door and walks in)so you’re pregnant.

Kelly:(lies)Of course not


Amanda:oh shut up, Don’t lie to me,the doctor told me everything.


Kelly:then he’s stupid,he doesn’t know his job, I’m not pregnant,do I look pregnant to you?


Amanda: Kelly stop playing the innocent with me, you’re three weeks pregnant, you were pregnant all this while and I didn’t know about it.


Kelly: I’m not


Amanda:(gives her a Stern look)


Kelly:(gives up) fine,I admit it am pregnant, you’re happy now…


Amanda:(doesn’t reply)


Kelly: I’m ruined,my whole life is shattered, I feel so much pain, you’re happy now?


Amanda: does he know about it?





Amanda: your dad,I know he’s responsible,I don’t need to ask who the father is.


Kelly: yes,and you know what,he asked me to get rid of it..


Amanda:what? he’s wicked.


Kelly: you’re not suppose to know about it


Amanda: what do you mean?


Kelly:he said if I tell anybody about it that am going to loose my head.


Amanda:(gasp)oh my God, that’s what you were trying to tell,me the other day..


Kelly:yes I don’t know what have gotten into Dad, he’s really changed,ever since I told him about the pregnancy, he’s been nothing but super rude to me, and he doesn’t know that the baby is still alive,he hate me now (tears stream down her face)I really hate my life,I should have reported him when he assualted me but I played along with me,he promised to be by my side,he promised to love me like he did with Mom,why the sudden change?


Amanda:(wipes Kelly’s face with the back of her hand) don’t worry everything is going to be fine


Kelly : I fear that’s not gonna happen


Amanda:(squeeze her hand reassuringly)it will


Kelly: I don’t think so


Amanda:it’s Okay


fast forward


That Night


Amanda:(yells as she see Mr peter Walk Into the room)you wicked monster, heartless moron,so you actually asked her to get rid of the pregnancy, don’t you even care about her feelings, what if she died..


Mr Peter: I see you two are getting along, you didn’t even asked how the election went.


Amanda: Damn you, and that fricken election,so you actually impregnated her and asked her to get rid of it, Do you even have a heart?



Mr Peter:(snaps) Enough!!


Amanda: it is not enough


Mr Peter:I said enough


Amanda:it is not enough until you tell me how much the Devil bought you with


Mr Peter: Kelly is my daughter,she belongs to me and I choose whatever I want to do to her so woman I owe you no explanation..


Amanda: Monster you call her a daughter yet you treat her like a slave.


Mr Peter:she actually tried me, didn’t she?she told you about it so you would raise my blood pressure,it ain’t gonna happen, not in my house, I’m going to deal with her so next time she’ll learn to do as I instruct, where’s she(yells








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