Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

Episode 28



(She’s realized 2 )







Kelly: no please don’t, no please I hate needles..


Amanda :(holds her) its not gonna hurt


Kelly: it will


Doctor:(sternly) Ma’am stay still this won’t take any minute (push syringe needle into her vain and push back the head so that blood could flow into it)


Kelly:(bites her lips to muffle her groan of pain) Oh my God, it hurts


Doctor:(withdraws syringe replace the cap, and place a swabbed cotton wool over the pinned area before walking out)


Kelly:(remembers her father treats) where is he taking that to, what is he going to do with it?


Amanda:he came with some tools, he’ll run a quick test with the blood, so he’ll know what’s wrong with you


Kelly:Am fine, you can’t let him run the test…


Amanda:You don’t look fine to me


Kelly:Am fine


Amanda:you’re not, you passed out some minute ago Kelly:Am fine, am okay(sits up)


Amanda :that’s for the doctor to decide, he’ll tell us if you’re fine or not Kelly:(yells) but you can’t let him run any test… Amanda:why shouldn’t I?


Kelly: because am fine


Amanda:what are you afraid of,





Doctor:(open door and walks in )


Both:(turn to him)


Doctor: Read some more erotic and romantic stories on Topster_stories..(to Amanda) Ma i’ll love to have a word with you


Amanda Okay i’ll be with you in a few sec(To Kelly) Stay put baby I’ll be back




Amanda :(walks out with the doctor)


Kelly:(wonders if the doctor is about to tell Amanda about her pregnancy) Oh God, let it not be, I really hope it shouldn’t be, I’ll be so dead if Amanda finds out about this pregnancy (Holds her head as if trying to remember something) (to herself) ummmhh think Kelly what are you going to do, you’re so doomed


Amanda:(stops as the doctor stopped mid way the stairs) what’s it doctor, will she be okay, is she sick?


Doctor:(smiles) we should be celebrating right now Amanda:(raise brow) why?


Doctor:she’s okay, she’s not sick, infact the both of them are doing good, all she need is a little rest..


Amanda:(confused) both of them, her and who, I don’t get you Doctor :she’s pregnant


Amanda : what Kelly is pregnant !! (Clasp a hand over her mouth)


Doctor :yes Ma’am she’s three weeks pregnant


Amanda : three weeks and I don’t know about it(gape in shock)


Doctor:(snap a finger in her face) Ma’am are you with me?




. Tbc


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