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Episode 27




(She’s realize)


Kelly: i can’t go out now,he’s watching me closely,he won’t let me leave the house except am leaving for school, Kelly think you can do this (hits her forehead severally)i think i know what to do(goes back to the kitchen)


Amanda:(scooping food into the dinning bowl)


Kelly:(cough to get her attention)


Amanda:(turns to Kelly’s direction) ohh you’re back


Kelly: yes am back


Amanda: So are you done with the dinning am bringing the food


Kelly:(mumbles)oh shit i forgot,I’ll just go and make it(makes to leave)


Amanda:No don’t bother, I’ll do it, i knew you wouldn’t


Kelly: its not that i didn’t want to, i forgot,I’ll go do it but can i ask?


Amanda: sure go on


Kelly: let’s go for shopping


Amanda: (smiles)Are you sure you want to shop with me?


Kelly: yes of course,i just want us to go out,take me out,i don’t care where we go but just take me out.Amanda:is your dad coming? Kelly:(sternly)No way,he cant come,just me and you,i cant go anywhere with him


Amanda:(nots her voice)So much bitterness in just a sentence,did he do anything wrong to you,did you guys have a quarrel? Kelly: No nothing, i just don’t want him to come with us,i just want it to be girls stuff



Amanda:Really? Kelly:yeah I’ll go set the dinning now..


Amanda:okay do that,we’ll go out when we’re done..


Kelly: (turns to leave but stop as a strong feeling of dizziness hit her)


Amanda: (hold her)kelly are you okay,what’s wrong with you?


Kelly: i don’t know i feel like(slums in Amanda’s arms)


Amanda:Oh my! Kelly get up, what is wrong with you?


Amanda didn’t know what to do,so she called a Doctor, meanwhile Mr peter went out few minutes before the Doctor’s arrival*****


Amanda:(touch Kelly’s forehead)she’s burning up,you think we should call an ambulance


Kelly:(ears faintly)


Doctor: There’s no need for that,am here already she’s going to be fine..


Amanda: okay if you said so


Kelly:(blinks severally trying to open her eyes)


Amanda:(peers at kelly) i think she’s getting up.


Kelly:(open eyes slowly,blinks to get accustomed to the brightness,looks around and sees Amanda and a Doctor standing by her bed)Amanda..


Doctor:(move close to examine her eyes).Kelly:(shrieks and push him away with all her powers)What are you doing?(tries to get up)


Doctor: (push her head back ward to the bed)stay still,don’t move, am not done..Amanda: k you passed out,you’re not okay, he’s going to see what’s wrong with you..Kelly:(shrieks as she saw the Doctor holding a syringe and making for her)






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