Fri. Jun 7th, 2024

Episode 26




(He’s a Monster)




Amanda:(nots her voice)There’s something disturbing you,what is it?




Amanda: There’s something.



Kelly: don’t be bothered, am fine.


Amanda: well i am.


Kelly: i can’t, i really can’t tell you,i don’t want to loose my head(it just rolled out of her mouth)


Amanda:(gasp)loose your head?


What does that mean Tell me child,what’s troubling your heart..


Kelly: promise me you won’t get pissed off.


Amanda: i cross my heart tell me i won’t take it to heart..


Kelly:(looks around,she frooze when she caught a glimpse of her Dad by the kitchen door)


Mr peter:(gives her the “don’t try me look”)


Kelly:(fazed)Don’t worry just forget it,let me not bug you


Amanda:No you can tell me am not complaining


Kelly:No its nothing


Mr peter:(nods and walks away)


Amanda:(stares hard at her)Are you sure?


Kelly yes


Amanda:since you said so i back out, let it not be that you’re telling me under duress


Kelly:No its fine,so what are you doing?


Amanda:I’m just trying to fix something for dinner..


Kelly: Let me help you


Amanda: No don’t worry,help me with the dinning..


Kelly:okay(walks out)


Mr Peter: (Drag her roughly to the passage)what were you trying to do?


Kelly: (fazed)Nothing



Mr Peter:(holds her by her neck,pinning her to the wall)You were trying to tell her about the baby


Kelly: (lied,scared)No,i wasn’t


Mr peter: (increase his grip on her neck)Stop lying to me Kelly:(in a muffled voice)please let me go,i can’t breath


Mr peter: (scoffs)don’t try me next time,you won’t like what I’m going to do to you..




Mr peter: (loose his grip on her neck)Don’t try me k (walks away)


Kelly:(mumbles as she rubs her neck)Monster,Beast(frowns and sulks back to her room)


Kelly picked up her phone and dialed Kiera’s number, she just need to leave the house,she just need to go some where,she can’t stand being in the same house with him..


Keira :(answers)Hello babe


Kelly:(drily)hy K could you pop in for a visit?


Keira: Babe am really busy now, sorry girlfriend i cant


Kelly: okay could you come and pick me to your place


Keira: I’m sorry babe am busy


Kelly:No its okay just come, I’ll take my car,I’ll drive Keira: I’m busy babe


Kelly: just come, i promise i won’t take your time, I’ll get you chicken


Keira: Seriously babe i can’t…


Kelly: (throws phone angrily on bed)Shit..


Keira: girlfriend,girlfriend (Doesn’t hear Kelly’s voice,cuts off the call)


Kelly:(place a hand on her forehead)


Oh God!what am i going to do,i cant go out like









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