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Episode 25



Ignore this story if u are not interested in it..




(Tamed but pained )




Mr peter:(furiously snatch the phone from her cutting her short,to Jason)Hey listen to me,you asshole.


Jason:(doesn’t reply)


Mr peter:I don’t want to see you anyway near my daughter, if you really like yourself just stay away from her..


Jason: Seriously…


Mr peter:(hangs up cutting him short)Idiot(throws the phone at Kelly,it hits her on her tummy)


Kelly:(yelps as the pain caught her) ouch, Oh My God,It hurts!!


Mr peter: Listen to me,i don’t want to see that fool anywhere near you!!


Kelly:(in pains and bitter anguish)why are you doing this to me Daddy,you’re hurting me really bad,i hate you, fine you don’t need the baby,i got rid of it,just let me be okay,let me make friends,stay away from me


Mr peter: you’re my daughter and only i must take position of you..


Kelly:Daddy am sick and tired of all this,i quit,i can’t do this anymore, i have my own life to live,stop trying to ruin it for me,i can get you a girl,okay fine stay with Amanda,she’s good, i approve so go on love her she’s your wife…


Mr peter:(scoffs)seriously?


Kelly:yes,anything to make you stop seeing me as your lover but your daughter..


Mr Peter:(sternly)you can’t back out of this Kelly,you belong to me,i have full right over you and its only i that can decide whether to let you go or not,get it and let me warn you my eyes are on you so stay away from hin(walks out)


Kelly:(furious,to his back)you’re wicked,monster,beast,that’s what you are I hate you,i so much hate you,i wish i could just throttle you to death…



(Sobs,sulk and gets up from the bed,heading to the kitchen)


Kelly: (pause and wipes face as she sees Amanda in the kitchen)


Amanda:(mashing potato,turns and sees Kelly)oh Kelly,i didn’t see you there,how are you?


Kelly: (shrugs)what do you care?


Amanda:(gaze at her) i know we’ve not been getting along easily but i care.


Kelly:(raise a brow)you do?




Kelly:(thinks for a while as her conscience began to prick her)you see(fidgetting with her finger) i didn’t like you when my Dad brought you here,i kept reproaching you as if you were the worst person on earth I coloured you bad,but now i know who the bad person is,i guess you knew why i did all that i might not….


Amanda:(cuts her short)No don’t worry,that’s water under bridge, i forgive you


Kelly:(shakes head)No i didn’t come here to ask for your forgiveness




Kelly:But i just want us to get along,i need someone to talk to and you know me


more than Keira do….






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