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Episode 24




(Tamed 3)




Keira: okay whatever that have gotten into you, it deserve some accolades at least it tamed you,i pray it stays inside,it should never come out..





Keira: what?


Kelly: didn’t you say i should be nice,that’s what am doing,okay you asked me to give him a chance to explain himself and am doing it,so what?


Keira:What about my sand which and my k crisp chicken?


Kelly: (open locker and drops book)foodie lets go grab em


⏩⏩Fast Forward⏩⏩


By the time Kelly got home she was weak and tired(an effect of the pregnancy)she walked into the house to meet her Dad in the sitting room reading a magazine.


Kelly:(drily as she walked pass him)Good afternoon.


Mr Peter: Did you do it?


Kelly: (frowns,ignores him and walks upstairs)


Mr Peter:(feeling insulted,drops magazine and goes after her)Am i not talking to you?


Kelly:(still doesn’t reply,open her room door and walks inside,throws her bag on the bed)


Mr peter: (flings door open and goes after her)Kelly,Kelly,come here(grab her by her hair)Am talking to you,did you do it?


Kelly:(stern lie)yes i did,i did,i flushed the innocent baby down the drain.


Mr Peter: (whisper)better (lets go of her hair and push her away)


Kelly:(groans as she falls on the bed)you’re wicked…


Mr Peter:(draws near her)what did you say?


(Kelly phone chirps)


Mr peter: give me that.. Read some more erotic and romantic stories on Topster_stories.


Kelly:(raise a brow)Huh?


Mr peter:(sternly)am not playing with you, i said give me that phone, give it to me



Kelly: you wanna get rid of it too(hesitate but picks her bag,take out her phone)


Mr peter:(snatch it from her)stupid(looks at the phone,it read unknown caller,it was Jason calling)


Kelly:(shoots him a killer look,hating him instantly and regretting playing along with him instead of reporting him to the cops for molesting her)


Mr peter:you answer it(hands the phone to Kelly)


Kelly:(doesn’t take it)


Mr peter:(furious threaten to slap her)Answer it and put it on speaker


Kelly:(reluctantly takes phone,answer it and clicks the speaker button)


Jason: (voice pop out from the other end)hello cupcake


Mr peter:(frowns)cupcake(nods)


Kelly:(drily noting her Dad angry face)Hey


Jason:its me Jason how are you doing?


Kelly:Am fine


Jason:(nots her voice)you don’t sound fine to me Kelly: Am fine


Jason:okay do you know any fancy restaurant around that we could both visit this evening?


Kelly: Are you asking me on a date?


Jason:(chuckles)yes me and you no Kiera


Kelly:okay….Mr peter:(furiously snatch the phone from her,






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