Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

Episode 23




(Tamed 2)




Kelly:(looks straight and sees Jason holding a voilet,she fakes a smile)


Keira: (whispers)He brought you flowers


Kelly:i got eyes you know.


Keira: just don’t be rude to him.


Kelly: (doesn’t answer)


Jason: (smirks as he sees the two girls) Hello Cup cakes.




Jason:(hands flower to kelly)i brought you flowers and I’ll really appreciate it if you take ’em.


Kelly:(gigles accepting the flower)awwnn,thanks(sniffs them)ummh Violets they’re nice.


Keira: (sighs in satifaction)


Jason:Hope you like ’em.



Kelly:like,did i just hear you say like(shakes head),No i love,love love em,thanks again(stands on her toe and pecks him on his cheek)


Keira:(she gives Kelly an unpleasant look for her coolness,she for one knows that Kelly is always rude,just the way she’s been looking at him with disdain)


Jason:(surprised but hids it)you’re welcome,so can we talk?


Kelly:(nods)yes but not now,can you give me your phone so i could store my number in it?


Jason:sure(dips hand and reach into his pant pocket,brings out his phone and hands it to Kelly)


Keira:(stares in amazement as Kelly takes the phone and dial her number into it)


Kelly:(gives phone to Jason)you can call me anytime.


Jason: okay I’ll call you later.


Kelly:(cuts a piece of the flower and stuffs it into Keira nose)


Keira:(sneezes)stop it


Jason: (chuckles)you guys are funny,so I’ll be seeing you guys more often right?




Jason:Okay bye then,see you later(makes to leave)


Kelly: wait


Jason:(turns to her)huh?


Kelly:i don’t even know your name, i mean can i know your name?(rolls eyes)


Jason:(clears throat)ummhh am Jason, but you can call me Jay for short.


Kelly:(gigles)oh Jay,nice name,i believe you know mine already.


Jason:yeah Kelly right?


Kelly: yeah and this is my best friend….


Keira:(snaps cutting Kelly short)Keira(tucks her hair behind her ear and gigles)


Jason: (raise a brow)huh?


Kelly:(clears throat)



Keira:am Keira her best friend


Jason:(poping the O)Okay,you girls got great names.


Keira:Thanks,that’s so sweet


Kelly:so we’ll be seeing you around right.


Jason:sure,I’ll call you


Kelly:I’ll be expecting your call..


Jason:see you girls later(walks away)


Both: bye


Keira:(tug on Kelly’s hair)what was that?


Kelly:(raise a brow)what was what?


Keira: you were flirting with him


Kelly:no you were


Keira:you did


Kelly: No you did


Keira:,okay fine we both did but what happened to you,i mean you were so rude to him back then,what has gotten into you?








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