Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 22






Kelly:(hiss and runs her fingers in her hair with her eyes still fixed on the road)


Keira:(watch her for some minutes as she hiss continuously,finnaly speaks up)what’s wrong with you, you’re definitely keeping secrets,but you wont tell,are we really friends if we keep secrets?


Kelly:Am not keeping secrets am fine.


Keira:(rolls eyes)am not forcing you okay,its fine if you cant tell.


Kelly: am not,pinky swear on it(shows her pinky finger but keira doesn’t wrap hers)


Keira: whatever you say(playfully but to hurt)old bitch Kelly:for the record i hate that nickname..


They got to school and hurried up to their lecture hall,a professor was already in the Hall,they both took unoccupied seats opposite each other..



Proffesor:we all are animals,all of us,the only difference between humans and anything else is the persona, the mask behind which we hide our desires,everything that scares us about ourselves, why do we hide what we hide?


Keira:(glance at Kelly, Kelly raise a brow at her)


Professor: what deep desires do we repress and what if we tore down our personas, what sort of beast or animals lies within us?


Class:(the guys at the back were throwing spit balls around and tossing paper planes one landed right on the professor’s head.


Professor:(annoyed) I’m sorry classes is dismissed (walks out)


Keira:(walks up to Kelly)just like that?


Kelly:what do you mean by just like that,didn’t you see what happened,that shit pissed him off..


Keira: And that’s why we’re all animals.


Kelly:(frowns)hmmmnn,see me to my locker space,let me keep this books.


Keira:will we grab some sandwich?(licks lips)


Kelly: ahh foodie,okay just see me to my locker,we’ll grab em


Keira:okay,lets go(start taking strides)


Kelly:(picks up her books and follows keira out)


Keira:(frowns)its not as if i forgive you oo,am still mad at you,that shit that happened to you saved you only yesterday,for now am still mad.


Kelly:(tugs on her hair playfully) i know..


Jason was already standing by her locker,holding a bunch of violet flower and waiting for Kelly.


Kelly: am really sorry i didn’t mean to insult you.


Keira:(furrows brow and lift her head up in a snobbish way)apology so not accepted


Kelly:okay I’ll apologize with a pack of crisp chicken,i know you cant resist that. Keira: i can(frowns)oh hell i cant,where’s it?



Kelly:(rolls eyes)what?


Keira: the chicken


Kelly:you’ll get it during lunch.


Keira:okay(sees Jason)oh boy(push Kelly with her shoulder,so she could see








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