Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

Episode 20


(Pains and regrets )



Keira:(whispers)Why are they all staring at you like that?


Kelly: i don’t know(to class)what are you all looking..


Class:(murmurs indistinctly as they cut off their stare and continue with what they were doing)


Kelly:(wonders inwardly)oh f**k,i missed my period this month and now i just emptied all what i ate this morning into the drain,damn it i think am pregnant,what will i do,what will i tell keira,how will she see me when she finds out,oh f**k am doomed..


Keira:(frowns as she sees Kelly face that note she was lost in taught)babe


Kelly:(doesn’t reply still thinking)


Keira:(pinch her hard)


Kelly:(yelps jerking out of her thoughts)ouch,what was that for?


Keira: do you mind telling me what was going on in that wicked mind of yours?


Kelly:(scratch head)ummh nothing..


Later that Day


When Kelly got back from school, she slept off immediately her back touched her duvet.She woke up with a start when she felt a hand trail down her waist,it was her Dad he had come to get down with her…Kelly:(sighs as she sees her Dad)Oh Daddy its you.


Mr peter: its me my baby(kiss her but she doesn’t return it,he squeezed her br**st in pleasure and she shrugged brushing off his hand,annoyed)what’s wrong with you?


Kelly:(doesn’t reply)


Mr peter:(strolls his eyes around her body) why do you look so pale,are you sick,is anything wrong with you?


Kelly:(wearily)i think am pregnant!!


Mr peter:(gasp) what!!!maybe its just a joke,are you sure?


Kelly:Dad i haven’t seen my period this month and i threw up today at school, and am always feeling clumsy.



Mr peter:oh shit, damn it,why now?


Kelly: Dad am scared,what am i going to do,i just don’t want this to ruin things for me,i still have a future ahead of me,am scared..


Mr peter: (scathingly), Get rid of it first thing tomorrow morning before school,Amanda must not know about it.


Kelly:(throws pillow on the floor)To hell with her,i don’t care if she finds out,how can you tell me to get rid of this(points to her tummy),what if i die, what if i loose my life at the process.


Mr peter:(sternly)you’ll get rid of it,I’ll give you some money tomorrow.. Kelly:(flares)Dad i don’t need your money, nothing is going to happen to this



Mr peter:(throws his hand over her mouth to muffle her voice)Quite (with his hand still over her mouth)listen to me young lady,you’ll get rid of that bastard you’re carrying and no one i repeat no one should hear about it..











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