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Episode 19



( Pregnancy )




Ignore if you are not qualified enough to read this




Kelly:(frowns and follows Kiers to lecture hall,keira took another seat as she saw kelly sit beside her)


That Afternoon


After Lecture


Kelly went over to call Keira so they can both go for lunch,as usual,Keira was sitting on a chair with her head on the desk,she was sleeping


Kelly:(walks over to Keira and taps her on her back)wake up sleepy head..


Keira: (stares and wake)uhhh(looks up at Kelly and raise a brow)what do you want?


Kelly:c’mon let’s go for lunch..


Keira: you can go,am not coming


Kelly:(chuckles)oh mehn,when did her foodie start rejecting lunch,you’re kidding right,get up let’s go grab lunch..


Keira: well To hell with your lunch,am not coming,or you wanna force me into


having lunch with you….


Kelly:don’t tell me you’re still mad at me,i was only joking,


Keira:and have you ever stumbled on the word sorry before..


Kelly: okay fine you’ve made your point, am sorry okay ,so can we go for lunch?


Keira:i think i got better things to do than to sit around and have lunch with a rich spoilt kid,excuse me(gets up)


Kelly:But i said am…ahhhhh(yelps as a throbbing pain hit her head)


Keira: (stops and stares at her)



Kelly: (the feeling of nausea became acute,she clasp a hand over her mouth to prevent herself from throwing up)


Keira: what’s wrong with you?


Class: (all eyes on the both of them)


Kelly:(runs out of the classroom heading to the rest room with her hands still clasped on her mouth)


Keira:(follows her slowly,avoiding the peering eyes of other student)


Kelly:(she fling the rest room door open and hurried into it,she knelt with her head facing the water closet,she removed her hand and threw up all she had eaten for the day,she felt so weak,she raised her head and wiped her mouth with the back of her mouth,she took a deep breath and threw up again,she flushed the vomit down the drain and washed her mouth and her face with the water from the fulcet and arranged her hair)


Kiera:(opens the door)Kelly are you okay?


Kelly: (wearily)am fine


Keira:Are you sure?


Kelly:yes,relax am fine,you worry too much.Keira:so are we Still going for lunch?Kelly: i don’t think i can take anything,i got a sour feeling in my throat,but you can go ahead if you want.Keira: No, am okay,i don’t need anything.Kelly: no please you can go eat your lunch,let me not bug you


Keira:No am fine,let us just go to class, i think you need to rest..


Kelly:(nods)they both went back to class,all eyes fell on Kelly as she stepped in with kelly






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