Fri. Feb 16th, 2024

Episode 18


(Oh my God )




Kelly:(frowns)but you said you wanted to use the restroom


Keira: yeah but i changed my mind,i need to go see Tyler I’ve been standing him up for some minute now


Kelly: (squeez keira finger)girlfriend please stay a little longer


Keira: i can’t girlfriend, thanks anyway i had fun


Kelly:okay bye, see you in school tomorrow..


Keira: yeah,love ya girlfriend (blow kelly a kiss)


Kelly: love you too


Keira: (walks away)


Few minute after keira left,the pool became boring to kelly,she swam out to the edge and left the water,she strutled to her room to change up..


Fast forward ⏩⏩⏩


The next day⏩(in school)


Kelly:(rolls her eyes angrily and jambs locker door as she sees Jason standing behind her)You again!!!


Jason:(smiles)Good morning girls


Keira:(gigles)hey handsome


Kelly:(frowns at Keira and turns to Jason) you’re beginning to give me the impression that you’re a stalker


Jason:(smirks)why would you say a thing like that?


Kelly:cause you’re always everywhere i go


Keira: (glance at both of them and plays with her finger)


Jason:(chuckles softly)oh yeah,that’s because i need your attention, so can we talk



Kelly:Are you this retarded, i thought i told you am not interested.


Jason: you don’t even know why am yearning for your attention.


Kelly: (rolls eyes again)well who cares,everybody does,its nothing new.


Keira:just hear him out,will you?


Kelly:(To Jason)I will never be caught dead chatting with you(turns to Keira)why don’t you talk to him instead,i thought you said you’re crushing(turn to Jason)if you don’t mind my retarded friend I’ll like you to excuse me,i got lectures to attend(hiss and walks away)


Keira:(follows her behind)


Jason: (mumble biting his lips) tough tackles,am sure gonna have you


Kelly: (stops at her track)Seriously Keira what the heck is wrong with you?


Keira: i should be asking you that,why are you being so difficult,why don’t you just give him a chance to say what he have to say,if it doesn’t make sense to you then you can tell him to f**k off..


Kelly: you’re sick infact you must be stupid,so you want to force me into having chit chats with someone i do not like..


Keira:Kelly you’re insulting me because I’m advising you as a friend


Kelly:Get out


Keira:(Annoyed) Am out(she made to walk out but Kelly pulled her back)


Kelly:No hard feelings, i was just joking.


Keira:Don’t touch me(brush her hand off)That was not a joke




Keira:(cuts her short)no but,just stay on your own(walks away)






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