Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024


Episode 17




(Jason Adventure to love❤3)




Kiera: i wasn’t looking were i was going(hits head with her hand) am just so clumsy…


Amanda: No don’t worry am not complaining,are you done swimming….


Kiera: Yeah i think am done, I’ll just change up in Kelly’s room….



Amanda: (looks around) where’s Kelly?


Kiera: she’s Still swimming…


Amanda: ummhh so how was school today


Kiera: it was good and hectic as usual..


Amanda: sorry for that, (stops and thinks,then to Kiera) Did anything happen today?


Kiera: (slightly confused) Like what Ma?


Amanda: Kelly is beautiful you know, there must be thousands of guys there


fighting over her…


Kiera: (understands) yeah, like the one that came after her today at lunch, he was really cute but you know Kelly got real guts.


Amanda:(curious)what did she do?


Kiera: she was so rude to him,i really don’t know what’s wrong with my friend…


Amanda:(inwardly)i told Mitch that this won’t work out…


Kiera: Ma can i go now,am soaking your rock…


Amanda: yeah sure I’ll call you when i need you.. chat MartinMartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his WhatsApp group


Kiera: (nods) okay (walks away)


Amanda: (sighs and walks out)




Kelly: (swims up to the edge of the pool to meet her Dad)Hey Daddy.


Mr Peter:(grins) oh my baby,how are you?….


Kelly:,Am fine Daddy..


Mr Peter: i can see, you’re having fun..


Kelly: yeah i am(draws a make believe gun from a make believe hostler and points


at him) pooor ….man down…


Mr peter: (chuckles)you’re funny..



Kelly: indeed hilarious..


Mr Peter: where is your friend?


Kelly: she’s gone to use the restroom, i don’t know why she’s taking so long (looks


around and blinks when her eyes met Amanda’s) Joykill…


Mr Peter: (turns and sees Amanda walking towards them,then turn back to Kelly)


oh Kelly please…


Kelly: Don’t worry i won’t bug u, I’ll continue with my swimming,Kiera is still here remember..(swims backwards as Amanda approach them).


Mr Peter: (sighs)


Amanda: (sits near him)Hi


Mr Peter: Hey how are you doing?


Amanda: Am fine how was your meeting this morning?


Mr Peter: it was good,you know electiom is by the corner.


Amanda: yes


Mr peter: And I’ll throw a damn parade when all this shit is done.


Amanda: (crisply)Are you serious


Mr peter: Am serious.


Kelly:(glance at them and frowns)


Kiera: (walks up to Kelly)Am done..


Kelly:(looks up at Kiera and sees her completly dressed)why are you all dressed up?


Kiera: well i changed my mind…


Kelly: (frowns)so are you leaving?


Kiera: As you can see….






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