Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Episode 16


(Jason Adventure to love❤2)




Kiera: what about this (points to the untouched chicken)


Kelly: you can stay and eat it am leaving(walks out)



Keira: (yells and shove a full desert spoon of rice into her mouth) wait up am coming(gets hold of chicken, takes a bite,drops it,takes a savet and hurried out to meet with Kelly)


Kelly: (chuckles)c’mon foodie(drags kiera along)


Kiera: (wipes mouth with the savet) that food was so delicious…


Kelly: (rolls eyes) yes it was and you’ll get fabby…


Kiera: (shakes head) No i can’t, i mean never, am good like this (raise brow) i work out quiet well u know.


Kelly: (flicks hand in dismissal)Whatever…


Kiera: so how’s today gonna be?


Kelly: Drop by my place later,its gonna be fun, come with your swim suit we’ll be at the pool..


Kiera: that sounds nice, will u bring guys..


Kelly: No


Kiera: so its just gonna be some girlie adventure no guys..


Kelly: (rolls eyes again)kiera


Kiera: what? Cant i bring Tyler, can he come with his friends..


Kelly: No just us, no guys


Kiera: what’s with u and guys, why can’t you get a boyfriend…


Kelly: change of discussion too boring….


Kiera: Nothing to discuss (lifts hand to check her wrist watch) we got fifteen minute before the next class..


Kelly: oh that’s fine,let’s just go now so we’ll get a front seat….


Kiera: okay⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩


Later that day⏩⏩


Amanda was in the sitting room,Mr peter sat by the pool and watch the two girls,Kiera wore a swim suit which covered her body exposing only her back and



thigh while Kelly wore a buka which exposed almost all her feminine feature they played in the pool and gigled.


Mr Peter stared hard at Kelly admiring her as erotic thoughts found their way into


his mind,Kelly almost caught his stare but Keira caught him instead….


Kiera: (nots the way Mr Peter stared at Kelly, she glance at both of them and turned to kelly with finality)Hey your Dad’s checking you out..


Kelly: (gigles)is he? (glance at her Dad and gigled again) i don’t think so.


Keira: (feeling a little bit uncomfortable)He is and that’s not just a stare…


Kelly:(stops and gaze at Keira,wondering if she knows about her and her Dad)then what?


Keira: (brush of the thoughts)Never mind I’ll just use the rest room am pressed..


Kelly: okay am still here…


Kiera:(leaves pool and heads inside,wiping her self with a towel, she got inside and


bumped into Amanda whp was coming outside….


Amanda: (playfully) Hey watch it


Kiera: sorry Ma’am i wasn’t looking where i was…






Daddy Sex Toy


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