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Episode 15




Ignore this if u are not interested in it ..




(Jason adventure to love❤)




Kelly: (sighs shaking her head)foodie, this one will do(sips juice)you never wanted this…



Kiera: (stops and glance at kelly) well that’s because i never knew it could be this sweet, I’ll take another plate


Kelly: who’ll pay?


Kiera: you of course..


Jason: (walks up to them and stand behind kelly, she didn’t notice him and Kiera didn’t either because she was busy eating her food and passing it down her throat with her juice.)


Kelly: Do i look like a credit card to you?


Kiera: (doesn’t look up)maybe..


Kelly: you’re crazy


Jason: (smirks)Kelly


Kiera: (looks up and glance at Jason and then to kelly)Do you know him?


Kelly:(glance at Jason and shakes her head)No(To Jason)how did you know my name?


Jason: i know everything about you,how i got to know it, is not necessary, what’s


important is that i want us to go somewhere private and have a little discussion…


Kelly: (gets up to face the smirking figure beside her)look i don’t know you or whatever your name is i don’t care..


Jason: let’s just discuss somewhere trust me i won’t take your time,just few minutes okay…


Kelly:(sternly)see listen to me i don’t wish to know you, so if you don’t mind we were in the middle of a conversation before you rudely interrupted so bugger off


Kiera:(whispers)don’t you think you’re being a little too rude


Kelly:(annoyed)i talk a little impudent for a full grown stupid guy…


Jason:(grins)ohh she’s cute and mean and I’ll make her mine..


Kelly: I’ll love to see you try(shoves her finger in his face)f**k you asshole


Jason: okay we’ll see(walks away)


Kiera:(gasp)what was that?



Kelly:(Raise a brow)what was what?


Kiera: i mean what did you just do to that cute guy(dreamily)mehn he’s so cute, ahhh he looks like a Roman God, did you see his hair streak with blonde line, his long lashes, his ivory eyes, his perfect jaw line, his pink lips, everything just fit perfectly, i mean damn he’s hot…


Kelly: is he?


Kiera: (nods)of course, you’ll be dead not to notice, he’s not like the other guys


you’ve been turning down, he’s cute and i like him already…


Kelly: so fast, what about Tyler?


Kiera: i said like not love, ain’t i free to crush, he’s charming..


Kelly: (snaps)so?


Kiera: (raise a brow)so?


Kelly: Nothing, stop drooling


Kiera: well i can’t, am not as cold as you…


Kelly: (frowns and drops spoon)i think i just lost my appetite(gets up)can we get out of here?


Kiera: just like that,what about this……






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