Fri. Jul 12th, 2024


Episode 14


(Deal conts)




Amanda: (smiles)Thanks, just being natural you know(clears throat) so what do i offer you?



Jason: Nothing am good here…


Amanda: no that’s just a joke(looks around)waiter,Walter come over here..


Jason: No please am good…


Amanda:(frowns) you sure..


Jason: No am cool here


Waiter: (hurries towards them)What’s your oder ma’am (hands her the list,but she pushed her hand back)


Both: No we’re good


Waiter:(nods and walks out)


Jason:(sits up)let’s get this done with,shall we?….


Amanda: okay i believe you know why i asked to see you..


Jason :(lies)No, you tell me..


Amanda:(sighs)well i want to make you a deal, make my stepdaughter fall in love


with you…


Jason:(chuckles softly)Am sorry but why would you want me to force her into


loving me….


Amanda: its something personal so what do you say, are you in or out?….


Jason: (Archs brow)umhnn(murmurs)this is going to be more dangerous than i taught(To Amanda) can i see who my Juliet is?.


Amanda dipped her hand into her bag and brought out a picture of Kelly she had taken from Mr peter study and hand it over to Jason…


Jason: (smiles as he gaze at the picture)she’s cute,at least am not chasing an ugly duckling (glance at Amanda)so how much are we talking about?


Amanda: uhmm fifty


Jason: Seventy(poping the ty)


Amanda: (shakes head reluctantly)No, fifty…


Jason: seventy



Amanda: That’s a lot of money, I’ll give you sixty, I’ll forward all her details to you(offers him an handshake) so do we have a deal?


Jason: fine I’ll take it(accepts handshake)Deal..


Amanda: (smiles as she shakes free from the handshake)it was nice doing business with you.


Jason: same here




The Next Day………


Jason had gotten all details about kelly so he decided to pay her a visit at school, he had to wait till she was out of the lecture hall, he spot her heading to the cafeteria with Keira so he followed them..




She and Kiera had gone to the cafeteria to eat their lunch, Keira had asked to order a seafood tamola but kelly insisted on getting basmiti rice and chicken,they both ordered Kelly choice along with two packs of coconut juice, and sat down to eat…


Kiera:(eating grudgingly)oh mehn this is so sweet, i’ll take another plate after this






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