Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

Episode 13






Amanda: (gasp)Jason?


Mitchell: yes


Amanda: isn’t he your brother,the one you’ve been telling me about….


Mitchell: yes i can call him home, so how much for it?



Amanda: slow down here, i don’t get it..


Mitchell: what don’t you get?


Amanda: why him, why would you want my step daughter and your brother to be




Mitchell: Am just trying to help here, it won’t be for real,would it? It’s just gonna be a big face joke right and i don’t only have a cute brother but a hot and charming one at that, she’ll definitely drool and won’t resist him, i can bet to that…


Amanda: this is a bad idea on so many level but am in, anything to get her off my




Mitchell: (nods) so what’s in for it ?


Amanda: Are you Jason or his manager?


Mitchell: (chuckles) but he’s my brother(playfully)and that officially makes me his


manager, so you pay me and I’ll hand it over to you….


Amanda: i though you were my friend


Mitchell: for that part its very real but you have to pay me….


Amanda: (frowns)


Mitchell: okay, okay fine you win, I’ll fix a meet for the both of you, you guys will


talk and sort yourself out….


Amanda: (smiles)you’re gonna do that for me?


Mitchell: sure.


Amanda: Thanks best bite


Mitchell: you’re welcome,what are friends for, so what’s that you wanted to offer me?


Amanda: (raise a brow) oh you want it now….


Mitchell: That name,that name you just called me, made me hungry,you won’t believe i actually lost my appetite because of your step daughter


Amanda: Are you serious?


Mitchell: yes of course, so is there any finger food around?



Amanda: i think i know just the one for it(gets up and heads for the kitchen)


Mitchell: (yells to her back)Be quick am starving…


⏩⏩Two days later⏩⏩


Meeting was arranged,Amanda was already sitted in the venued eatery waiting for Jason. She wasn’t surprised to see a cute dude walking towards her with smoky topaz eyes that match the yellow toxedo he had on,he was indeed cute as Mitchell had described him…..


Amanda:offers him an handshake) Hi


Jason: Hello(takes handshake)


Amanda: (smiles)you must be Jason,am Amanda nice meeting you


Jason: (shaking free from the handshake which was a little lingering)Nice meeting


you too, you know Mitch have told me many things about you….


Amanda: Hope nothing bad


Jason: no all good here….


Amanda: please sit..


Jason: (sits)


Amanda: i must confess you look nice..


Jason: (smirks)Thanks,you don’t look bad yourself….


Amanda: Thanks…






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