Fri. Jun 7th, 2024

Episode 12



(Rudy conts)




Amanda: (sighs) so what should i get you?..


Mitchell: (adjust and sits comfortably)Nothing,am okay i don’t think i have an appetite for that..


Amanda: if you say so(sits)


Mitchell: so whats up with her, how are you coping?


Amanda: (shakes head slowly)you won’t believe what that chick have been doing to me….Amanda narrated all what kelly have been doing including the incident of the other night, all this while Mitchell was gaping at her in shock..


Mitchell:(in a low tune as she looked around to see if anyone was coming)i can’t


believe my ears you mean she’s been sleeping with her Dad….


Amanda: i caught them with their hand right on the cookie jar


and you know, what surprise me the most is that she was not scared or visibly


shaken the next day when she showed up in the kitchen…


Mitchell: I’m shock,(shakes head)are you sure that’s her Dad


Cause i don’t get why he’s sodomizing his only daughter, and why did he marry


you in the first place when she could easily satisfy him…


Amanda: am yet to find out,(lamenting) Mitch am really tired i don’t think i can last another day in this house, i don’t know what’s really wrong with Kelly, i should be the worked up one, not her, i don’t know what to do..


Mitchell: why won’t she get worked up when she’s sleeping with him, no girl would want to share her man..


Amanda: (Hiss) what should i do?


Mitchell: i really don’t know, girlfriend, why don’t you talk to her boyfriend, maybe if she get scolded by him, she might stop, she wouldn’t want her relationship to go down the drain.. Read some more erotic and romantic stories on Topster_stories…


Amanda: things would be easier if she had one..



Mitchell: so she don’t have a boyfriend


Amanda: nope, haven’t seen her with one, the only twos she hangs out with is her Dad and kiera


Mitchell: wow, so she has a thing for guys….


Amanda: maybe she haven’t gotten one yet, i think she’s waiting for her prince charming as other girls do…


Mitchell: prince charming indeed…


Amanda: or maybe she can’t get one..


Mitchell: why don’t we get her one,who knows maybe she can stop flirting with her




Amanda: (roars in laughter)


Mitchell: (raise a brow)what’s funny


Amanda: you of course, you say the most unbelievable limb stuff,what makes you


think that’s ever gonna work…


Mitchell: i don’t know but let’s just give it a try after all there’s no harm in trying….


Amanda: let’s just say i agree, who’s gonna be her prince charming…


Mitchell: whats in for it, I’ll give you Jason..






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