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Episode 11






Ignore this if you are not interested in such stories.




Kelly: (glance at the ring on Mitchell finger and glared at her wondering if she came to see her dad) Mitchell, that sounds like the name of a cat..


Mitchell: (gasp)


Kelly: (rolls her eyes) or the name of a dog, (points to ring) and take that off cause


its not a ring….


Mitchell: what?


Kelly: listen damn right stranger you don’t walk into people house without using the doorbell..


Mitchell: (feeling a little bit insulted)you don’t have to be rude..


Kelly: Are you talking to me?


Mitchell: (doesn’t reply)


Kelly: (looks around as if to ascertain that she was the one Mitchell was talking to)you were talking to me, oh you think am rude, look here stranger if i want to be rude I’ll pick you up and throw you out, don’t you know its stupid of you to show your face in someone house without using the doorbell….



Mitchell: (sighs)let me first apologize for coming into your house without being asked to but I’ve been outside ringing the bell for ages, but no one answered, well am here to see Amanda, she’s my friend…


Kelly:(mumbles rolling her eyes)Another intruder(to Mitchell)you see Mitchell or whatever your name is, i don’t care to know but you see i have a little problem with uninvited guest and unfortunately you and Amanda are in that category so while working on her I’ll advice you to take your cheap smelling self out of this place…..


Mitchell:(furious)what Rubbish?


Kelly: (yells)use the door, get the f**k out of here bitch….


Mitchell: Hey look here Lil witch, I’ve heard a lot about you, i want you to take a clear look at me do i look like Amanda,do i?(Kelly cross her arm on her chest and look away,as Mitchell points a finger at her) don’t try me, am not Amanda and can never be her, if she can bear your rudeness, i really can’t, cause if you try that am going to slap you so dirty that you’ll be retarded in a minute……..


Amanda: (Heard Kelly’s yells and decide to go check who she Was yelling at)


Kelly: do i need to pick you up and throw you out, get out….


Amanda:(walks in) that’s my visitor


Kelly: (turns to Amanda) well what do i care, both of you leave, am tired of your continuous pesters, just bufger off.(storms out of the living room)..


Amanda: (to Mitchell) don’t Mind her, please sit(waves at the couch…


Mitchell: (sighs as she sits)My God is she always like that….


Amanda: i guess she thinks that you’re here to see her Dad……..


Mitchell_: Even after telling her i came to see you…






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