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Episode 10




(Engagement party )


Its really short but you have to manage





⏩⏩Two days later⏩⏩



Mitchell was spruced up for the big occasion, she wore a Burberry gown that covered her legs, her finger nails were decked with a ritzy 22 Shelby gold leaf flakes, she was wearing a faux Nelly heels and carrying an alloy luibuiton purse, with a black possum necklace to match, she was perfumed with a ritzy moon walker, a most prized H’2 fragrance, Mike also looked charming…. The


engagement party was organized at a country club, Amanda was present so was Mr peter, kelly refused to join them, she rather stay at home with kiera, food was served in plenty and drinks were not left out, Amanda was very happy you would think the day belonged to her the way she mingled and chatted with people many of who she was meeting for the first time, Mr peter on the left side was not left out in flirting with girls at the club…. Mike proposed with a diamond ring and planted


kiss on Mitchell lips…


Mike: (coes) I love you..


Mitchell: (gigles) i love you too


The lover bird danced to”if only”A popular love song by Andre and Martins, the danced across the floor as the crowd clapped, the dance and danced while the crowd cheered on……..




For days kelly still continued with her useless taunts, Amanda unable to bear it


anymore decide to call Mitchell over and tell her about her predicament………


Kelly was sitting alone in the sitting room scrolling through her phone while listening to music using an head phone


Mitchell rang the doorbell but the was no response, Kelly didn’t hear the doorbell ring because of the head banging music blaring into her eardrum, Mitchell rang the doorbell two more time and waited at the end of her patient, the was still no reply, so she gently slid the door open and walked in, Kelly got up on seeing Mitchell, she was dressed in a White sleeveless jumpsuit and her hair was tied up in a bun,Kelly strolled her eyes around Mitchell and wondered who the cute lady was ..


Mitchell: (smiles)Goodmorning…


Kelly: (Adjust the headphone from her ears to her neck)Hey do i know you…



Mitchell: (Looks around the sitting room) I believe am in Peter’s, you’re Kelly right, am Mitchell(offers her a handshake but kelly doesn’t take it,Mitchell quickly dropped her hand feeling a little bit embarrassed)


Kelly: (glance at the ring in Mitchell finger and glared at her wondering…..






Daddy s£x Toy18+


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