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Chapter 30⃣⃣( Final 2)





Continuation from the last Episode:


Igwe Ofordili: (In an angry tone) Ebuka! (The guard knelt down before Igwe Ofordili and the Igwe said commandly) Go and bring me my wife from her hut and if she fails to come with you drag her and come outside.


Ikenga: Permit me to go with Ebuka to bring out your wife.


Igwe Ofordili: You can go with him Ikenga.


(Ikenga and Ebuka went and entered Queen Amara hut and saw her about to carry her calabash.)


Queen Amara: (Shocked seeing the guard with Ikenga but pretends and hide her shock, dropping her calabash with care on the ground and faces Ebuka, still breathing heavily.) Yes Ebuka, why did


you barge into my hut without knocking, what gave you the impetus to do so?


Ebuka: I am sorry my Queen but I was ordered by the king to come to your hut.


Queen Amara: What for?


Ikenga: Don’t give that pretentious look Amara, you and I know that you know, come with the guard at once and do not try anything funny, remember what my brother did to you, mine will be worse.


Ebuka: And Igwe orders that if you refuse to comply that I am permitted to use force on you.


(Queen Amara was stranded now, if she disappears she is sure Amadioha is watching her movements and Ikenga might do something stupid. If she tells the guard to go that she is coming, Ikenga will refuse to leave. Seeing there is no other way of escaping, she agrees.)


Queen Amara: Alright, lead the way Ebuka. (Ebuka turned and left the room followed by Queen Amara and lastly Ikenga. Stepping outside the hut, Queen Amara bowed her head in shame as she approached Igwe Ofordili. Stopping as she faces him.) You sent for me.


Igwe Ofordili: Yes I did Amara, there is something Jidenna just said and Ikenga here, Cheta’s husband to be, confirmed it also. Is it true you made your own son you carried in your womb for good nine moons imbecile? (Queen Amara started crying) Is it true you made my second daughter, Cheta, ugly? (Queen Amara cries increases the more) And also the beast that killed those innocent villagers.


Queen Amara: It is true Ofordili, I made Cheta ugly with the help of my mother (Everyone present except Ikenga and Adapuruche exclaimed in surprise) I was also the one who had turned my son to an imbecile for constantly talking to Cheta after my series of warnings to him. I also summoned the beast which ikenga killed.


Igwe Ofordili: Why did you do it? What was Cheta’s, Jidenna and those innocent villagers offence? What did they do to you Amara?


Queen Amara: I did it for revenge Ofordili.


Igwe Ofordili: What revenge are you talking about Amara? Who offended you?


Queen Amara: You Ofordili are the reason why I did all these. I made Amaka barren so you can marry me for me to carry out my revenge.


Igwe Ofordili: Again I ask, why Amara?


Queen Amara: Because of the two giants you had killed years back. One was my brother and the other one was my husband. So I vowed to have my revenge on you.


Igwe Ofordili: (Eyes widen in shock as he heard Amara.) Wait Amara, are you trying to tell us that you are a giant?


Queen Amara: Yes Ofordili, i am not just any giant, i am the princess and my mother is the Queen of all giants.


Igwe Ofordili: (He turned his gaze at Ikenga and remembered what the young man had told him) Now I get why Ikenga had said he saw you with a giant head.


Queen Amara: You caused all these, if you had apologized to my people when we appeared in your dream all these wouldn’t have happened.


Igwe Ofordili: I know I did wrong but must Jidenna, Cheta and those innocent souls cost by one man paid for a crime they didn’t commit Amara?


Queen Amara: I was blinded by anger and vow to take whoever that is related to you. I am sorry Ofordili. (She kneels down and face Cheta and


Jidenna) Please Cheta find a place in your heart to forgive me and you Jidenna, I am sorry for all the pains I had cost you since your birth. I did that out of ignorance, please forgive me my son.


Jidenna: If i am your son as you said you wouldn’t have put me in so much pain mother, but to err is human to forgive is divine, if ChukwuOkike can forgive who am I not to forgive you, I have forgiven you mother.


Cheta: Me too mother, I have forgiven you for everything you did to me. If it weren’t for those things you did I wouldn’t have met my love Ikenga.


Queen Amara: Thank you Cheta, thank you Jidenna. (Queen Amaka and her mother flew into their midst and changed into their human form. Everyone except Cheta, Amara and Ikenga shifted back a little.)


Igwe Ofordili: (cleaning his eyes to be sure he saw right) Amaka!!


Queen Amaka: Yes the one and only. (Cheta ran to meet her and hug her.)


Cheta: Mother you came back as promised, I have a lot to tell you.


Queen Amaka: If it is what happened, I and your grandmother (pointing at Nganga who cheta is seeing for the first time) saw everything. (She faces Queen Amara) Amara, it was after my mother saved me that I got to know you are behind everything, you’ve seen where your wickedness has landed you.


Queen Amara: (Breathing heavily and faster, no one cares to ask her what’s wrong with her) I am sorry Amaka for everything I did to you, I hope you have forgiven me.


Queen Amaka: I will try and forgive but I won’t forget the scars Amara. (She faces Jidenna and smiled at him prompting him to run to her and hug her.) My son, I have missed you. (Queen Amara quietly left their presence and went back into her hut in shame. No one took notice of her absence.)


Jidenna: Nne, I have missed you too, Cheta has been there for me and I am grateful to that.


Igwe Ofordili: Amaka how can I ask for your forgiveness?


Queen Amaka: I have already forgiven you Ofordili.


Igwe Ofordili: Thank you.


Nganga: (Facing Ikenga and speaks for the first time she got there.) Ikenga I saw your bravery and I am proud that Cheta will end up with you. You have my full support and I have forgotten about the past, let’s embrace the present and future that awaits us all.


Ikenga: Thank you Nganga. I appreciate and my love for Cheta will never ever fade. (The scream of Queen Amara caught their attention and Ebuka ran into her hut. Taking a deep breath as he looks at the sky.) Queen Amara has taken her own life, she killed herself.


Ebuka came out of the hut and confirmed what Ikenga said.


Ebuka: (Kneeling down before Igwe Ofordili) Your Highness, the Queen stabbed herself. She is dead.

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