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Chapter 31⃣⃣Finale




Continuation from the last Episode:


Igwe Ofordili: (Heaved out a sign) She committed a great scarillage to me and my family and also to the people of this great village. The gods know best.

(Gesturing with his right hand that holds his offor) Ebuka you and some guards should take the dead body of my wife and throw her into the evil forest, she won’t be buried in the normal way as tradition demand. (Ebuka with four other guards went inside the hut and came out with Queen Amara’s lifeless body. A black sword, the one she uses on Jidenna, was seen struck inside her heart. The guards left for the evil Forest. As soon as they were out of sight Igwe Ofordili returned his gaze to queen Amaka sorrowfully and apologized once again.) I am so sorry Amaka


Queen Amaka: Like I said before, I have forgiven you. (No sooner as she omitted those words, the great Chief Priest appeared in their midst.)


Great Chief Priest: (Igwe Ofordili surprised to see him) Now your eyes are more clearer Ofordili.


Igwe Ofordili: Yes great one, I could have killed an innocent child years ago if not for your intervention, I could have also killed my wife Amaka if not for the birds who came and took her away. I was blind and didn’t know my wife Amara was behind it. I thank the gods for unveiling the truth.


Great Chief Priest: (Nods his head) You’ve seen the reason why I had stopped you from killing Cheta. (He faces Cheta and saw Ikenga. He started praising the god. He stopped and faces Ofordili.) You should be happy that you have someone like him (pointing at Ikenga) as your son in-law. (He vanished.)


Nganga: My daughter and I will stay here until Cheta finally gets married to Ikenga.


Igwe Ofordili: Well In that case (He called the maids and told them to prepare a hut for his visitor.)


Nganga: (Stopping the maids) Don’t bother yourself, we will be staying in the hut Cheta stays.


Igwe Ofordili: I have no problem with that. (Ebuka and the other four guards returned.)


Ebuka: (Bowing his head down) We’ve thrown her dead body into the forest.


Igwe Ofordili: Hmm, I will have to inform all my elders everything that happened, those that kill by the sword, dies by the sword. you can hi ome on+233544142683 to be added to House of stories,sweet and nice stories, fresh stories kingdom to read more of this stories. I hope ChukwuOkike forgives her.




Queen Ziza who had watched everything only shook her head.


Queen Ziza: I gave my daughter a choice and she chooses to end her life. I am not at fault.




9 Days Later….


(The traditional marriage of Ikenga and Cheta went successful and just like amadioha promised, he and the rest of his brothers came. Agwusi didn’t come as promised. Once they have sealed their marriage, Nganga blessed Cheta home and left together with her daughter.)


Later that night in Igwe Ofordili Palace…


Ikenga was outside the hut he shared with Cheta when Agwusi and the old hunter appeared in front of him..


Ikenga: You told me you would attend my marriage with Cheta today but you didn’t.


Agwusi: I was busy with something else, sorry for not coming. So where is amadioha? Remember if


you want to see that friend of mine, you have to show me amadioha and I will bring you to him.


Ikenga: Well like you disappoint me earlier today so did I Agwusi.


Old Hunter: Meaning?


Ikenga: I wasn’t talking to you or is your name now Agwusi?


Agwusi: Forget about what he said, how do you mean?


Ikenga: Firstly, Amadioha is not here with me, and secondly I knew you were lying and decided to play along.


Old Hunter: (In an angry tone) You deceived my master.


Ikenga: If he says another word in this matter that doesn’t concern him, his head will follow.


Agwusi: Udele do not say another word. So you were pretending all along?


Ikenga: Yes, Amadioha won’t lie because if he did Nganga wouldn’t have allowed me to get married to her granddaughter and plus he is married to Ala. (Closing his eyes and opening it.) You think you are


more clever and cunning but you are not. Anyway I haven’t told Amadioha about what you told me nor what you said for me to have him killed. We are brothers Agwusi and I cannot fight you or any one of them.


Agwusi: (in great anger) You are good at playing along, I must recommend you at that. But this isn’t the end, I will be back for you Ikenga.


Ikenga: And I will be waiting to say my greetings.


(Agwusi and the old Hunter disappeared.)




Days Later….


Jidenna was crowned the King of Ogidi Village and Cheta left with Ikenga to live amongst the gods.




Adapuruche was in her hut thinking about her life.


Adapuruche: (Talking to herself) So this is the end, I won’t have Ikenga. What is the essence of me having these powers given to me by my mother who is no more and still yet I won’t have what I yearn for? I have lost Ikenga to my sister Cheta. Now I have realised no one is born ugly. (She


started crying, covering her mouth to conceal any noise. She lives the rest of her life in regrets.)


The End.


C.H.E.T.A ( I Am Not Ugly)



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