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Chapter 24⃣⃣


Recap from the last episode:


Ikenga: (Standing up to his feet) I trust you brother.


(He left them and as soon as he was gone, Queen Amaka and her mother appeared before Amadioha and Onwa.)


Continuation from the last episode:


Amadioha: (Surprised on seeing them the two eagles he could recognise anywhere) Nganga, I am surprised to see you here, and your daughter too. (The two eagles transform into their Human form.)


Nganga: (Rolling her eyes) Is that how you welcome your guests Amadioha?


Amadioha: (Smiling) Oh forgive my manners (two more golden stools appeared and mother and daughter sat down immediately.)


Queen Amaka: (Smiling at Onwa) Hello Onwa, it’s been a long time since we saw each other.


Onwa: (Smiling back) Indeed Amaka.


Amadioha: (Clearing his throat to stop further conversation from his brother and Queen Amaka, he faces Nganga) To what do we own your humble visitation Nganga?



Nganga: I came here because of what you told me days back Amadioha, about my granddaughter and one of your brothers, Ikenga, or did you made that up?


Amadioha: It wasn’t made up, my brother really love Cheta.


Nganga: Okay, I am here for Ikenga.


Amadioha: What did my brother do?


Nganga: He did nothing, I came here to see him and talk to him face to face.


Amadioha: Ikenga just left here not too long ago before you came, should I go and summon him?


Nganga: But don’t worry about that Amadioha, Anyway, since you were the one who told me about his intentions towards my granddaughter, I will pass you the message to give to him.


Amadioha: I am listening Nganga.


Nganga: Tell him I have finally (She paused and stared at her daughter before returning her gaze back to Amadioha) Tell him I have made up my mind to forgive him and give him a go ahead to marry my granddaughter.



Amadioha: (He smiled widely.) Thank you Nganga for having a change of heart towards my brother. He will be happy for this news.


Nganga: You shouldn’t thank me, instead thank my daughter here who spoke some sense into me. Truly I shouldn’t allow the past to mend with the present. What happened was between Ikenga and I, not my granddaughter who wasn’t involved in our fight. But for the sake of my granddaughter’s happiness I am deciding to let bygones be bygones. Tell Ikenga he should also.


Amadioha: Thank you Amaka, I will pass your message to him Nganga.


Nganga: (Getting up to her feet with her daughter.) We shall take our leave now Amadioha.


Amadioha: (Remembering what Ikenga told him) Least I forget Nganga, Ikenga and Cheta will be getting married in the next nine days to come. That was the reason why he came here to inform us. We his brothers will attend his marriage with your granddaughter and I hope you will come?


Nganga: Thanks for telling me, my daughter and I will surely come. (She changed into her bird form and Queen Amaka also change into her bird form and they flew away,



Onwa: I am happy Nganga has started to come around after so many years of grudges against Ikenga.


Amadioha: Yes, you will go and inform Ikenga at night when you normally visit someone. Tell him what Nganga said.


Onwa: That will be no problem my brother.




Queen Amara made the same knife she had use on her son days back appeared in her hands and she hide it inside her waist wrapper and went outside her hut and walk towards the hut Jidenna is, entering his hut, she brought out the knife and cut off the little toe in his left leg.


Jidenna who couldn’t scream only vibrates on his bamboo bed in pain and tears filled his eyes.


Queen Amara hid the little toe and the knife in her wrapper and went out of the hut heading straight into her hut.


Entering her hut once again, she brought out the calabash and made some incantations, a river was shown.


Queen Amara: Creature of the sea I daughter of Queen Ziza summon thee. (Throwing the small toe into the calabash, into went straight into the river) there is a little sacrifice I got for you. You know what to do to the people of Ogidi village. (The calabash cleared.) Let me see who will stop this powerful beast next.




Ikenga opened his eyes and saw Agwusi inside the hut standing close to his bamboo bed.


Ikenga: (sitting upright.) When will you learn how to knock brother?


Agwusi: (Not surprised seeing ikenga awake) Knock on the old door of the mortals? I can’t.


Ikenga: Why are you here?


Agwusi: When will you kill Amadioha and have him delivered to me? Remember you have to get him out of the way for you to get married to your maiden.


Ikenga: I remember Agwusi, I am making an arrangement for that, soon Amadioha body shall be brought to you.


Agwusi: (Smiling) Good brother but permit me to ask how you intend to get Amadioha out of the way? Remember Amadioha cannot be deceived easily.


Ikenga: I will be getting married to Cheta in nine more days to come, Amadioha and the rest of our brothers will be there to support me, I will strike him when he least expected.


Agwusi: Now I get your plan, to kill Odum (Lion) you must lure it out of his den.


Ikenga: Exactly Agwusi, but you also must be present on that day to give me your support.


Agwusi: That will be no problem Ikenga, I will be there to witness your marriage with Cheta with my own eyes.


Ikenga: So tell me why are you here?


Agwusi: To give Udele (Vulture) a message.


Ikenga: You mean the man who is pretending to be old?


Agwusi: Yes, him.


Ikenga: Is that his real name?


Agwusi: Yes, but he is truly a Vulture who I defeated and turned him to my servant.


Ikenga: How were you able to tame a Vulture? A man vulture?


Agwusi: That’s a story for another day my brother.


Ikenga: Why can’t you tell me now?


Agwusi: Okay I will tell you how I was able to tame the Vulture when you bring me the body of Amadioha.

C.H.E.T.A ( I Am Not Ugly)



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