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Chapter 27⃣⃣(Semi Final 1)




Continuation from the last Episode:


Queen Amara was surprised and tried to remove Amadioha’s hand from her neck, she couldn’t. She was powerless against his hold.


Idemili: (Moving closer to Queen Amara and gave her a hot tearing slap that whip her head to the other side.) So you have the guts, the efforts to summon one of my creatures to do your dirty deeds? Not only did you allow Atika to take a maiden from this village but you made him take a maiden which belongs to Ikenga, are you nuts? (Queen Amara tried to say something but couldn’t) Next time you try such a thing again, I will so mercilessly deal with you.


(Amadioha lose a bit of his hold around her neck.)


Queen Amara: Do you know whose daughter I am?


Who is my mother?


Idemili: (Giving her another round of slap on her other cheek, drawing out blood from her lips.) Ziza isn’t my match and she knows that well, you shouldn’t have messed with one of my creatures. I leave you in the hands of the Amadioha and Ikenga. (Facing Ikenga) I have no hand in this Ikenga that was why I left my throne to clear up my name. As you can see Akita was summoned by the stupid daughter of Ziza and not me. (Returning her gaze to Amadioha) I shall take my leave now Amadioha, hope to see you soon. (She walked towards the River disappearing once her feet touched the river.)


Ikenga: Now it’s my turn Amara, after all my warnings I gave to you and your daughter, you paid deaf ears to it and went ahead to harm my wife, how dare you?


Amadioha: Ikenga, that shouldn’t be what you should be asking her instead ask her to undo what she did to Cheta.(face queen Amara) Or weren’t you the one that did that to Cheta’s face.


Ikenga: So she is the one who had turned turn Cheta’s face into this?


Amadioha: (Lifting her higher that her legs were dangling above the ground) Yes Ikenga.


Ikenga: Then let her undo what she did to Cheta or she faces my wrath.


Amadioha: (Putting more pressure into her neck) You heard him, undo what you did to her or you shall die. I am going to release my hold on you so you could do as my brother says, if you try to act funny, I will personally drag you from your hut and kill you very slowly and your mother won’t do anything, nod your head if you agree. (Queen Amara quickly nodded her head) Good and to be sure you don’t try anything. (He places his palm over her forehead, removes his palm after one minute and releases his hold on her neck and goes over to meet Ikenga. She touched Cheta’s face and started making incantations. Something like dark smoke which was visible to them left Cheta’s face and disappeared into thin air immediately. And like magic, Cheta’s face was restored. Ikenga smiled when he saw the sleeping beauty he was holding, Cheta is truly a beautiful maiden and he feels so glad they both love each other. He was happy he didn’t feel repulsed the day he saw her first. Igwe Ofordili and the entire villagers will feel ashamed of themselves when they see the new Cheta. He couldn’t wait to claim her as his forever and wish it was that very day he was wedding her.)


Ikenga: (Sending a smile towards his brother who smiled in return) Thank you Amadioha, thank you for making this idiot undo what she did to Cheta.


(Facing Queen Amara) And as for you daughter of a foolish giant, this should be the first and last time you come close or touch my Cheta, do I make myself more clearer this time around?


Queen Amara: Yes Ikenga.


Ikenga: Good.


Queen Amara: (Facing Amadioha breathing heavily.) I have done as you have said, now undo what you did to me.


Amadioha: It still remains Jidenna, you have to undo what you did to him.


Queen Amara: (Scared which she tried to hide but failed at it.) You want me to release Jidenna? Do you want him to tell his father what I have been doing to him? I will be killed!!


Amadioha: You should have thought of that before you carried out the deed. You are so evil and wicked to do that not on to Cheta but to your own son.


Queen Amara: No, I can’t do that, my secret will be revealed and I shall be killed.



Amadioha: Do I look like someone who care Amara? You better undo it or….. (He left his words

hanging and Queen Amara quickly started chanting, making an incantation. She stops three minutes later and looks at amadioha breathing heavily.)


Queen Amara: Jidenna is now alright and free. The both of them are now free, please remove whatever it is you had putten in me, it is weighing me down and I can’t breathe well.


Amadioha: Well that will stay inside you until you drop dead. Do you know why you are still standing and not dead? That’s because you are not destined to die in my hands or Ikenga hands. You will be killed but not by us, you will die very soon Amara. You are free to go.


Queen Amara: But at least remove what you put in-


Amadioha: (Interrupting her) And I said it will be there until you drop dead, that’s my gift for you for toying with Cheta and Jidenna life all these years. Now be gone. ( Queen Amara disappeared from their midst.)


Ikenga: Thank you once again brother for everything.


Amadioha: (Staring at Cheta) Your maiden is really beautiful brother, you choose well, hold her tightly.


Ikenga: I will, let me go to the palace and show everyone including her father Cheta’s beautiful face and rub it on their faces that she is not ugly.


Amadioha: I will see you on the day of your marriage.


Ikenga: Thank you once again. (He turned and left the river, Amadioha disappeared.)


Nganga: (Nods her head) I am pleased with both brothers and I have seen that Ikenga truly loves my granddaughter. He is the one for Cheta, he now fully has my support.


Queen Amaka: Me too mother, I admire Amadioha for this, I love what he did to Amara (daydreaming) I wish he will become mine like my daughter is to his brother.


Nganga: Shut up your mouth, the walls around us have ears and it might take your words to her and it will cause a great war between our people and her, we don’t stand a chance against her.


Queen Amaka: And who is that?


Nganga: Amaka I am talking about Ala, Amadioha wife.

C.H.E.T.A ( I Am Not Ugly)




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