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Chapter 22⃣⃣





Continuation from the last episode:


Onowu: (Recovery from his shock) Only if one has the backing of gods no one dares to challenge that person. With the way he speaks, he has the full backing of the gods.


Igwe Ofordili: (nodding his head in support) You may be right onowu, he wasn’t even afraid of me.


Elder Udo: But I hope you heard his warnings Igwe?


Igwe Ofordili: I did. I will inform my wife and daughter once they are awake.


Elder Okeke: That’s better Igwe.


Elder Udo: (Pointing at the dead beast) What about the beast?


Igwe Ofordili: Don’t worry about it, my guards will throw it inside the evil Forest.


Onowu: Igwe we have to start going to our various homes now to rest for the long trek we did.


Igwe Ofordili: You can go, thank you (he watches as they left his palace.) Ebuka you and three guards should carry the beast to the evil Forest and throw it there, make sure you throw the beast there.


A thought came to him and he stopped the guards.) Don’t bother about it again, carry the beast into the middle of my compound, and set it on fire. (The guards did as instructed and set the beast ablaze.)


Queen Amara: (She was sleeping soundly when she perceived the foul burning smell of the beast and was out of her bed in a jiffy coming out of her


hut to see her husband with his guards standing close to the fire.) Good morning my lord.


Igwe Ofordili: Morning Amara, hope you slept well?


Queen Amara: Yes I did my lord, what are you burning? (Adapuruche was seen coming out of her hut as the foul smell filled the air around them.)


Igwe Ofordili: Oh it’s the beast Ikenga killed that I asked them to burn.


Queen Amara: What beast?


Igwe Ofordili: The beast which has been terrorising the village since two nights was killed and brought here by our soon to be in law.


Adapuruche: (Standing next to her mother) Good morning Father, good morning Nne (faces her father) What in-law are you talking about?


Igwe Ofordili: Cheta’s husband.


Queen Amara: Wait a minute my lord (Adapuruche expecting her mother to speak to her father against having Ikenga ending up with her younger sister but she got the opposite) Ikenga killed the beast and now you are burning it?


Igwe Ofordili: Yes, he left her a few minutes ago.



Queen Amara: I have to continue my sleep I will be back when the morning sun is out my lord (She made as if to move and enter her hut when Igwe Ofordili voice stopped her)


Igwe Ofordili: Don’t go yet, we should head for the throne room to discuss what Ikenga told me, Adapuruche you are also needed. (He turned and walked towards his throne room, sitting on his chair. Queen Amara and Adapuruche followed him and sat down on the empty sits.)


Queen Amara: We are here, my lord, what did Ikenga told you?


Igwe Ofordili: Did you or Adapuruche offend that young man before?


Queen Amara: (Shaking her head sideways) No my lord, I haven’t met him at all except the day he visited here and spoke rubbish.


Igwe Ofordili: And what about you Adapuruche?


Adapuruche: Same thing father, though I met him first before Cheta.


Queen Amara: Why the question?


Igwe Ofordili: Well the reason I am asking is because of the warning Ikenga gave me which he ask to pass unto the the both of you. He said you shouldn’t harm Cheta and you both shouldn’t dare him. I don’t know what he meant by that but all I can tell you both is to stay clear off the young man path (facing Adapuruche) especially you Ada, the young man doesn’t want you so stop forcing yourself on him, his mind, heart and focus is on your younger sister and you can’t change that. If the ear fails to listen it follows the head to the grave. (He stood up and left them)


Adapuruche: Mother you did not even say anything when father said I should stay away from Ikenga.


Queen Amara: (getting up to her) Adapuruche, that isn’t my problem right now. Ikenga killed the beast I had summoned.


Adapuruche: Don’t tell me you were the one who had summoned the beast that killed those innocent lives mother? (Queen Amara didn’t answer she left for her hut. She needs to summon her mother right away.)




Ikenga arrive at the old Hunter home and saw the old man pacing around in front of his hut. The old man stopped once he saw Ikenga.



Ikenga: Is there any problem?


Old Man: You didn’t came home last night and I was awake all through the night, where were you?


Ikenga: Are you now my father or my brother to ask me irrelevant question? Where I was all through the night is none of your business.


Old Man: Agwusi asked after you, he was here last night but we didn’t know where you’ve been.


Ikenga: You can summon him and tell him I am now around. I want to sleep. (He left the old man presence and entered the hut given to him. He had fought and it ended well in his favour what he now need is to rest.)




Bird Kingdom:


A big white eagle was seen entering Nganga abode and landed near the old woman. It changes into Queen Amaka.


Nganga: What kept you so long my daughter? Forget about that where is my granddaughter? (Looks around expecting to see Cheta)


Queen Amaka: I could not come with her mother, do you recall when I told you of a young man Adapuruche and Cheta is both in love with?


Nganga: Yes, I remember.


Queen Amaka: That young man is Ikenga.


Nganga: What?


Queen Amaka: Yes mother and Cheta is madly in love with him. He is also looking for a cure to cure Cheta’s face.


Nganga: We will have to take Cheta and hide her away from him. She must not know who he is.


Queen Amaka: Too late mother, Cheta already knows he is a god and she knows someone with magic did that to her face. He told her everything mother.


Nganga: Like I said it’s never too late, I won’t allow Ikenga to marry my granddaughter.


Queen Amaka: What if it is the will of ChukwuOkike for Cheta and Ikenga to end up together? I foresee a great battle ahead between Ziza and you mother, now is not the time to dwell in the past. You should be after your own granddaughter happiness and not harbour grudges against the man she loves. If


you don’t support their commitment, I will. After all she is my daughter and I should be the one to give her a go ahead.


Nganga: (She closed her eyes and opened them again) I need to speak with Ikenga.


Queen Amaka: (Not trusting her mother) I hope you are not going to fight him when you see him?


Nganga: Until then Amaka you will know why I want to see him.

C.H.E.T.A ( I Am Not Ugly)




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