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Chapter 28⃣⃣(Semi Final 2)





Continuation from the last Episode:


Queen Amaka: But I thought he isn’t married, he doesn’t look like someone married to me.


Nganga: If you hadn’t ran away to the mortals world to dwell with Ofordili you would have witnessed when he and Ala got married.


Queen Amaka: I was blinded by the love I have for Ofordili, anyway, I am happy for Amadioha and his wife Ala.




By the Time Ikenga arrived at the palace of Igwe Ofordili, there was a great chaos. The chaos was caused by Jidenna who came out of the hut he was kept in. Igwe son could walk normally again.


The noise the maids and guards made brought Igwe Ofordili and Adapuruche out of their respective huts.



Adapuruche screamed out in joy when she saw Jidenna normal again.


Igwe Ofordili: (In happiness) Jidenna my son (he went to hug his son which was returned affectionately.) I am happy to see you like this.


Jidenna: I am happy too father, I have long prayed to the gods of our land to heal me and they did today.


Adapuruche: Exactly nwanne mu. (Jidenna released his father from his hold as Igwe Ofordili did also, he pulled Adapuruche towards him and hugged her.)


There was jubilation around the palace until Ikenga cleared his throat loudly drawing everyone’s attention towards his direction.


Igwe Ofordili: (Recognizing the young man) Ikenga, I thought you said you will be coming in the next 9 more days to come.


Ikenga: I did say that but that doesn’t mean I won’t be coming to check on my Cheta. That’s by the way, do you recognize the maiden in my arms?


Igwe Ofordili and the entire palace hold stared at the sleeping beauty in Ikenga’s arms.



Igwe Ofordili: (Couldn’t recognize Cheta) Who is she? Or did you bring this beautiful maiden to break up with my ugly daughter Cheta?


Ikenga: The one you’ve called ugly is indeed the most beautiful one of all.


Igwe Ofordili: What are you trying to say Ikenga, I do not understand you.


Ikenga: The maiden in my arms is your daughter Cheta, her scars are gone as her beauty has been unveiled.


There were loud gasp as everyone couldn’t believe their ears. No one believes the beautiful sleeping maiden is Cheta.


Adapuruche: (Shocked but not believing a word) Impossible Ikenga, how can you tell me that the beautiful Maiden in your arms is Cheta? Do you know how ugly she is? No that is not Cheta (facing her father) Father does not believe what Ikenga is saying, that can’t be Cheta, I refuse to believe that.


One of the guards, Ebuka, who saw Cheta with her water pot when she went out of the palace to fetch water spoke.


Ebuka: Your Majesty, I think that is really Cheta. (Adapuruche hear nearly broke with the way she turned around to face Ebuka) The maiden he is holding is wearing the exact clothes Princess Cheta wore when she left the palace to fetch water on the Queen’s order.


Igwe Ofordili: (Moves closer to Ikenga and observe the maiden in his arms) She looks exactly like Amaka and has my nose. (His eyes widened when he processed everything quickly) You are right Ikenga, this beautiful maiden is my daughter, Cheta. But how did this happen?


Ikenga: The gods who showed mercy on your son, Jidenna, also did the same for my beautiful Cheta. She wasn’t born ugly but was made ugly by one of your own.


Igwe Ofordili: I don’t understand what you are saying Ikenga, are you trying to say someone within my palace made Cheta ugly?


Ikenga: Yes Igwe, but I will not say the person’s name.


Jidenna: I think I might know who the person is father.


Igwe Ofordili: Then tell me who exactly it is my son.


At that moment Cheta coughed and opened her eyes.


Cheta: (Seeing that she was in Ikenga’s arms and not at the belle of the creature quickly hugged Ikenga not minding she was in his arms.) You saved me Ikenga, thank you.


Ikenga: (Gently placing her feet on the ground) You are welcome beautiful. (He smiled and counted himself lucky for choosing this great beauty) have you take a look at yourself lately Cheta?


Cheta: (Confused) How? I don’t understand.


Ikenga: (turning her around so she could see her father and the rest of the palace people staring at her.) Do you know why you are being stared at?


(cheta shook her head, Ikenga continues.) Go and check your Face Cheta.


Cheta still did not understand why they were staring at her left to the kitchen and using one of the pots filled with water to check her face.


She couldn’t believe what she saw. Touching her own face with both her arms. First of all she couldn’t believe the ugly scars were gone and secondly she couldn’t believe she was so beautiful.





Queen Amara appeared in the forest where she normally meets her mother, breathing hard.


Queen Amara: Mother!!!


Queen Ziza: (Appearing before her daughter.) I warned you, didn’t I? I warned you to leave Cheta alone and focus more on what brought you to Ogidi village but you paid deaf ears to warnings, now you’ve gotten what you sow.


Queen Amara: Can’t you help me mother, I don’t know what the other man with Ikenga did to my body, please remove it.


Queen Ziza: I cannot remove what I do not know my daughter and that man with Ikenga is Amadioha and he is one of Ikenga’s brothers.




C.H.E.T.A ( I Am Not Ugly)


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