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Chapter 29⃣⃣( Final 1)




Continuation from the last Episode:


Queen Amara: Now I know why I couldn’t help but do as he says. Please mother try to remove what he put on me, I won’t trouble Cheta or force


Adapuruche on Ikenga again. (Bending half way in pain) Please mother, remove what he did to me.


Queen Ziza: Were you deaf when I said I can’t cure what I don’t know? You brought this on yourself after I told you not to interfere but you paid deaf ears to my warnings Amara.


Queen Amara: Please help me now, I am begging you, I am your daughter.


Queen Ziza: I know you are my daughter (She closes her eyes and opens it after a minute has passed.) There is nothing I can do to help you Amara but the only thing I can help you with is for you to come back home and admit your failure to our people. Jidenna is whole again and so is Cheta, return home and save your face. Then I will see what I can do for whatever it is Amadioha may have placed on you.


Queen Amara: (Not knowing what to do nod her head like agama lizard, still breathing heavily.) Thank you mother, I will have to go back to Ofordili Palace and get my things and calabash and come back here.


Queen Ziza: I would have said you should leave that and follow me Amara but you must get the calabash it is very important.


Queen Amara: I know mother I will be back before you know it.


Quee Ziza: Amara, you better be fast about it because delay is dangerous.


(Queen Amara disappeared leaving her mother in the forest who disappeared afterwards.)




Cheta broke into a run and ran back to their midst.


Cheta: (In great happiness as she stares only on Ikenga.) Ikenga take a good look at my face, my scars are gone. They are gone and no more on my face. I look beautiful for the first time in my life.


Ikenga: (Smiling) Didn’t I tell you that you are beautiful when we met?


Cheta: Yes you did but I didn’t believe you until you told me of the enchanter. (Her smile widened more) you’ve seen whoever that casted it, right?


Ikenga: (Smiling) Hmmm, probably, but you are not the only one who got healed, turn around and look behind you to see for yourself.


Cheta: (Doing as Ikenga said, she turned around and her eyes met her father shock ones, then


moved to Adapuruche bewilderment ones and finally, finally her gaze landed on Jidenna. Her eyes widened in surprise when she regards Jidenna from head to his toes.) Jidenna! Am I dreaming or not? Are you healed?


Jidenna: Cheta Nwanne mu, I am now healed. (Cheta gave a loud shout of joy and ran into Jidenna’s awaiting open arms and embraced her brother.)


Cheta: (When they release the tight hold on each other, Cheta beamed in happiness) Thank the gods you are alright now, which means my mother was innocent of the crime laid on her years back.


Jidenna: She is Cheta.


Igwe Ofordili: How do you mean Queen Amaka is innocent? Didn’t you eat from the food she gave to you?


Jidenna: I did but the one who had turned me into an Imbecile and and made my sister, Cheta ugly is no other than my mother, Queen Amara. (The maids, palace guards and Igwe Ofordili exclaimed loudly in a surprised tone. Everyone was shocked except Adapuruche. Jidenna continues.) She normally comes to my hut and takes some of my blood which I don’t know what she uses it for.(he showed his father the knife marks on his arms and


continues.) The last one she did was to come into my hut today and cut off my little toe. (He showed his father his legs that were missing a toe.) With all this evidence I believe mother would be the one to have afflicted Cheta with those ugly scars and made me imbecile.


Igwe Ofordili: This is unbelievable, I can’t believe my own wife would do such a thing to Cheta and to her own son, my son.


Ikenga: Igwe, to be truthfully, it was indeed your wife who had given my beautiful Cheta her ugly face and made your son Jidenna imbecile. To be more Frank with you Igwe, your wife, the Queen of Ogidi village was the one who had summoned the beast that I had killed and brought to you.


(At that moment Queen Amara appeared in her hut.)


Igwe Ofordili: (To Ebuka) Go and call me Amara right now.




Bird Kingdom:


Nganga: Shouldn’t it be the right time for us to make our appearance known to them my daughter?


Queen Amaka: You are so correct mother, let’s pay a visit to Ofordili.


(They both changed into a white eagle and flew away.)




Agwusi: (Who was watching what was happening in the Palace of Igwe Ofordili and turned to look at the man who was standing beside him and watching the whole drama.) Cheta has regain her beauty my friend


Ekwensu: I know Agwusi, you will bring Ikenga and Cheta to me.


Agwusi: You’ve forgotten Amadioha my friend, Ikenga will bring him along when he comes for his marriage.


Ekwensu: Let’s wait till then, I have these strange feelings that something will happen that day.

C.H.E.T.A ( I Am Not Ugly)

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