Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

I think I’d like there to be a next time.”

I said with a broad smile.

“So would we!” The three of them said in


They all put their dressing gowns back

on and then undid my handcuffs, I got up

from my chair, still naked. Tochi came

up to hug me and whispered in my ear:

“Thanks for the orgasm, it was the best

I’ve had in some time.”

“No problems” I told her.

Tolu was next: “I still can’t get over how

big you are!”

“Well I can’t get over how tight you

were!” I replied.

“Not any more I’m not!” She said with a


Ife was last: “That was the best s£x I

ever had, thanks. I just wish you weren’t

dating my best friend”

“we can pretend I’m not!” I whispered to


She smiled and dropped to her knees,

kissing my still erect cock on the head:

“Don’t be a stranger” I grabbed my

clothes, but didn’t put them back on.

“Now go f**k your lucky babe” Tolu told


“But remember, I don’t think she’d

appreciate knowing we all had s£x with


“Don’t worry, I wasn’t planning on

telling her!” I responded.

With that I walked towards Moji’s

bedroom, thinking what a lucky guy I

was and how great a birthday this had

been, but still looking forward to the

next time I get to play with my

girlfriend’s three friends!


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