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Finally she thrust her chest into my face,

and I eagerly took each of her nipples in

my mouth licking and sucking on them

until they became hard.

Tolu then moved back to allow Tochi to

get her nipples sucked, who in turn

moved aside to allow Ife access to me, as

I took each of her nipples in my mouth I

heard her let out a barely audible moan

of pleasure, she was obviously enjoying

this a lot and seemed disappointed when

Diane said we’d now continue as before.

I assumed the next question would be

much harder than the previous three

and thus result in me losing my boxers

and being completely naked. So I was

really shocked when I was asked yet

another easy question. Once again I

answered right and was rewarded with

Tochi slipping her fingers under the

waistband of her thong and pulling it

down, so that she was now completely

naked, she had a landing strip of dark

hair which led down to some quite

prominent pu**y lips, she had a good

body, but it wasn’t anything special.

Tolu continued with the next question,

which I again got right and this time it

was her turn. She slowly undid the ties

at both sides of her briefs before letting

them fall to the ground; her pu**y was

neatly trimmed with slightly protruding

pu**y lips. I also answered the next

question correctly, and once again Ife

couldn’t wait to strip, quickly pulling her

g-string off almost before Tolu had even

said I’d got the question right.

Her pu**y was shaved completely bald

and seemed to be amazingly smooth,

with nothing whatsoever protruding. I

had just about managed to keep my cock

under control for all of this, but it was

getting really hard (pun intended) to

keep it that way with three hot, naked

women standing in front of me. I had

absolutely no idea how I was doing it, I

never usually had this much self control.

I was quickly snapped out of my musings

by Tolu announcing what happens next


“We have one more question to ask you

I’m afraid, and this one has the biggest

consequences of them all.” She started.

“If you answer correctly, then we’ll undo

your handcuffs and let you do whatever

you wish.” Tochi continued.

“However, if you answer incorrectly, you

will stay cuffed to the chair, and we will

do with you as we wish!”

Ife told me with a wicked smile. “Are you

ready?” She asked.

I nodded my head.

“Good, your question is as follows: Who

is the captain of the Arsenal football


Obviously I knew the answer to this, I

mean I’ve been an Arsenal fan for over

10 years but my whole being wanted to

seriously get that answer wrong.

“Gervinho” I answered.

“Wrong” Tolu said with a smile,

“The answer is Arteta”

I held back from correcting her, heck I

wanted to see what was gonna happen


“Now you’re ours to do with as we wish!”

With that the three girls walked over to

me, and each put a finger under the

waistband of my boxers and started to

pull them off, I helpfully lifted myself off

the chair a bit for them and my boxers

were soon on the floor, leaving me

completely naked handcuffed to the

chair, somehow though, I still (just

about) had control of my d**k, but I

assumed that was going to change

quickly. Seeing my still limp d**k Tolu


“It seems he’s not turned on by the three

hot, naked women standing in front of

him, maybe we should just put our

clothes back on and go?”

“I think we should give him one more

chance” Tochi said.

The three girls knelt down, so their faces

were more or less level with my crotch.

“But how are we going to test him, to see

if we do turn him on?” Ife asked,

innocently with a wicked smile on her


“Any ideas how to test you?” Tolu asked

me, grinning. Without waiting for a

response she put her hand under my cock

and took the weight of it in her hand.

“How on Earth can we make it hard?”

She asked.

Tochi whispered something into her ear,

to which she replied:

“We couldn’t possibly do that, that’s very

naughty!” Then with a wide grin on her

face she looked up at me and said:

We couldn’t possibly do that, that’s very

naughty!” Then with a wide grin on her

face she looked up at me and said:

“Well, I guess I could”

She immediately brought her face down

to my crotch area and gently placed my

cock in her mouth and started running

her tongue around it and sucking on it.

Up until that moment I had just about

managed to keep control, but the feeling

of Tolu’s moist mouth around my cock

and her tongue investigating every inch

was just too pleasurable and my cock

did the inevitable – it sprang to life

inside her mouth. She gave it a few extra

licks for good measure and then let it

fall out of her mouth. She looked up at

me with a look on her face like the dog

that got the bone and said:

“Now, that’s much better isn’t it!”

“Shit, that thing’s huge!” Ife exclaimed.

“It must be at least nine inches!” Tochi


The three girls were now just staring at

my nine-inch cock, which was standing at

attention just inches from their faces.

“What does it taste like?” Tochi asked


“Why don’t you see for yourself!” She

told her.

With that Tochi leaned over and took my

cock in her mouth, sucking it up and

down and licking around the shaft.

“Mmmmm, it tastes good!” She said,

coming up for air.

“Let me try” Ife demanded.

She then took the head of my cock in her

mouth, licking around the base of the

head before taking the whole thing in her

mouth and sucking up and down a

couple of times. It was now Tolu’s turn

again and she wasted no time in

plunging her mouth down over my cock,

after a couple of sucks up and down the

shaft she started to deep throat me. It

was the first time I’d ever been deep

throated, as Moji was too scared to do it

incase she choked on it, but Tolu had

obviously had a lot of practice at sucking

d**k and damn was she good at it.

Then, to my dismay she stopped, she

looked up at my face and saw the look of

huge disappointment on my face and a

huge smile spread across hers, obviously

proud that I enjoyed her brief blowjob.

The three girls took it in turns to lick

and suck on my cock for a while, Tolu

was easily the most experienced and best

followed by Ife and then Tochi.

Eventually just as I was sure I was going

to cum in one of their mouths if it went

on for any longer, they stopped and

stood up and to my utter dismay walked

away! Thankfully they quickly came back

with chairs like mine, and arranged

them so they were all facing me.

“I hope you enjoyed our little sucking

session?” Tolu asked me.

I just nodded my head, words to describe

what was going on still failing me.

“Good, now I’m afraid we’re going to

have tease you some more, but this time,

we won’t be using our mouths!” She told


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Tochi then got up from her chair, walked

over to my chair and straddled me! She

started running her fingers up and down

my chest and then to my immense

surprise shifted herself forward so that

her pu**y was against the shaft of my

cock and started rubbing herself on me. I

couldn’t believe what was happening, I

had three naked women in the room with

me, I had sucked their nipples, then they

took it in turns to suck my cock and now,

here was Tochi rubbing her pu**y up

against the shaft of my cock.

Surely the only thing left after this was

s£x, but I couldn’t believe for a moment

that Moji would agree to that. After a

while She got off me, but Tolu was

quickly there to take her place, she

instantly had her pu**y pressed against

my Dick and started gyrating. She was

wearing a broad smile, and it was

obvious she was enjoying it as her

nipples had hardened considerably and

she was now playing with her tits whilst

rubbing her crotch against my cock.

She stopped abruptly though, obviously

catching herself and got off before she

went too far. Ife immediately straddled

me and started to rub her pu**y against

my cock, it wasn’t long before I felt

wetness starting to ooze from her slit

onto my cock, I took my eyes off her

pu**y and tits and looked at her face,

she just smiled back at me. Soon my cock

was covered in her cunt juice and she

was playing with her big tits as she

rubbed herself on me, she looked down

and saw a bead of precum forming on

the tip of my cock and wiped it onto her

finger and then hungrily put her finger

in her mouth and sucked it off. She then

shifted backwards a bit so she was

sitting close to my knees and taking my

cock in her right hand, she then guided

the tip of it to her clit and started

rubbing her clit with the head of my

cock. She began moaning with pleasure,

too quietly for the other two girls to

hear, but more than loud enough for me

to hear.




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