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The lady in red heels walked past them and Mitchell watched in disgust as josh couldn’t stop looking at her



It was barely 3months after they eloped and she was seriously beginning to regret coming with Josh Although she didn’t regret hurting alison this though.The bitch was always so pompous,having a luxurious business,good looks and to crown it all a rich,gorgeous fiance

Mitchell had always been jealous of alison andthis was a perfect opportunity to hurther

Thankfully Josh wasn’t the loyal type,and with justa few tactics she had him in hergrasp

Now only if she can keep him there.josh was intolerably attracted to anything in skirts and Mitchell will do anything to keep her man “Josh”she called as she place one bare leg over the other.

She was dressed in one of the lowest cut gown ever, tied to her neck with thin straps

She smiled in satisfaction as Josh’s eyes

immediately riveted to her legs

“Now honey,when are we getting married?”she purred”its been 3months,that’s way too much time to get over Alison,that’s if you still care about her” “What?no”josh replied”im way over Alison like yesterday’s are all I got,dearie”

She smiled and playfully hit his hand

An announcement on the TV caught their attention Overton enterprises are estimated to havereached #500 billion net worth in just4yrz

“Really babe I don’t see why you shouldn’t be at the head office”Mitchell spoke”being the branch manager here doesn’t suit you at all”



“Yea”Josh answered, sipping his wine”I’ve got to get through this here and then get promoted. After that we are getting married”

Josh was the manager of one of the many branches of overton enterprises scattered around d the country.

He was good at his work but lately began giving himself over to indulgence

He hoped to get himself promoted as soon as possible and also get rid of Mitchell

He was tired of her and he wasn’t ready for that sham called marriage

He had to get rid of Mitchell

Soon TBC

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