Fri. Feb 9th, 2024


Alison stood in front of the mirror and admiredthe image that stared back ather

She was dressed in a long blue gown that hugged

her figure perfectly

Her neck and ears were decorated with matching accessories and she nodded in satisfaction ather reflection

She ran her hands down thegown,stopping momentarily on herstomach



Was it her imagination or was it beginning tobulge? She felt a rush of happiness at the thought of having a full stomach then stopped smiling as she rememberedDennis

He had been extremely kind and nice these past

few weeks sending her flowers and chocolates and even jewellery

The elaborate dinners at posh restaurants were

heavenly and she had to admit she had fallen for him

Will it all change if he finds out about the pregnancy?

She shook her head to Clear the thoughts

She shook her head to clear the thoughts She would not think about that now Later..

But not now

She grabbed her purse and walked to the door,stopping when she heard the bell

She was not very surprised on opening the door

and finding dennis on the other side

A gleaming Lamborghini stood in the background awaiting them

“Dennis”she began,exasperated”I told you I would come myself”

“And I told you I won’t let you do that”he answered

and smiled at her but she rolled her eyes

“So we waltz into town together”she said”what would people think?”

“Whatever they want”he replied and walked towards her and she stilled the urge to step back



“They are going to have a lot to think about after today”he said and planted a single kiss on her bare neck

A kiss that left her toes tingling

Alison was still feeling the sensation as she allowed him to lead her to the car


Now she was in trouble


This is such a lovely affair”Mitchell cooed to josh as the latter fumed in silence

Mitchell had insisted on coming too to his anger and chagrin

And he can’t get rid of her

He just hoped she wouldn’t stand in the way of his plans tonight


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