Fri. Jul 19th, 2024


The gala was marvellous.Alison enjoyed herself

tremendously and was grateful to Dennis who stood by her all along

He didn’t say anything but now everyone in town

assumed they had something going Soon she felt lightheaded

Probably from all that dancing,she thought as she

made her way outta the hall to the gardens to try to clear her dizziness

Dennis was nowhere to be found probably with His directors

She was about sitting down on a bench when her

phone rang



It was Tonia

“Hi baby mama!”Tonia squealed,making alison pull the phone from her ears”how you doing?”

“I’m fine”alison replied”just a little dizzy” “Dizzy?”Tonia asked immediately concerned”are you OK?should I come over?”

“What?no,I’m fine”Alison said”don’t worry about me”

“Whoever said I was worried about you?”Tonia said”I am worried about the little angel in your stomach”

Alison laughed

“You wicked bitch”she said in mock anger”are you only worried about my baby?I never knew you were such a wicked friend”

“Only when it comes to the little angel you are carrying dear”Tonia said,laughing “Whatever”alison said,pretending to cry”my baby does not need your care”

“What baby?”a voice asked,startling her and she

turned to stare at josh

“What are you doing here?”Alison asked then realized what a stupid question it was

Of course he would be here

He was a staff of overton but that did not stop her from staring at him in disgust

“Did you follow me here?”she asked again and josh nodded to her consternation

“Yep and I heard every word of your conversation”he said then laughed as though he was in shock”are you pregnant ally?”



“I have no reason to answer you foolish question”Alison retorted and started to walk past him but he grabbed her arm and pulled her roughly against him

She slapped him hard

“Take your filthy hands off me!” “You are pregnant”

“I said let me go!”

“I suggest you do as the Lady says,Brandon”a voice boomed and alison was relieved to see dennis coming towards them



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