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Dennis knew he ought tobsay something but he was suddenly tongue tied

Just seeing her made Hus mouth water and his

knees turn to rubber

She was as beautiful as when he first saw her although her pale face wasn’t doing her much good Forget the fact she was staring up at him with such fear


Was she afraid of him?

“We are very sorry,but we would like to postpone our meeting”he heard her secretary saying

“By all means”matt answered and everyone one

jerked in surprise at Alison’s answer “No!”

Stunned,Tonia glanced at dennis who wasfrowning and wanted to say something but alison stopped her

“I’m sorry, Mr overton”alison said,grateful her voice wasn’t shaking”but I won’t be accepting your contract”

Everyone stared at her in more surprise Alison never refused a contract.

She accepted everyone,even the potentially bad ones and make it good but now she was refusing a very lucrative contract from one of the biggest clients in town

No way

“Umm…”Tonia spoke nervously”why don’t wemeet up at the office?miss Kent isobviouslytired ”



“Its ok Tonia”alison said”I’m not accepting your contract Mr overton so there’s really no need for us to see each other again”

How rude!

Tonia wanted to hide in shame but dennis was smirking

To hell with the contract,he wanted her and she was playing hard to get

But he was not a man to give up easily.He wanted her and he was going to get her

“I think we will continue to see each other,miss kent”he said coldly”contract or no contract”

“I have nothing to say to you”Alison retorted as she

felt her face burn

“True”dennis shrugged”but you were pretty willing to say a lot the last time we met”

The nerve of the man!

Alison was so angry at his guts she wished she could slap him

“I’ll be at your office prompt,Friday night”Dennis

said to a shocked tonia”contract or no contract,I must see you boss”

With that he was gone,followed by matt who smiled

at Tonia the left ‘Jerk’alison thought

She was carrying a jerk’s baby!

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