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Dennis smiled at the blunt remark

“I know”he replied”and you are just a little tipsy” Alison shook her head so hard he feared it would fall off

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“You are wrong”she said”I’m a lot tipsy”

Dennis smiled again and assessed the situation. She was wearing a wedding dress.


But what was more weird was his body’s reaction to her

He realized the bar had gotten silent,trying to see

how the Playboy would handle the bride “Nice dress”he said

“Yea”alison replied”wanna see what’s beneath?” Dennis was no fool and he was never one to look a gift horse in the mouth



At 32,Dennis overton,was one of the most eligible bachelor in town regardless of his scandalous reputation.

His lifestyle was nothing to write home about but he had built himself from scratch and made himself known both in the financial world and on bed

He was fascinated with seduction but quickly loses interest after the prey is caught

It doesn’t matter

There were many preys waiting to fall into his trap He had a string if heartbroken girls as long as the Mississippi.He had never fallen in love and doesn’t intend to

Neither had he felt like this before as his traitorous body reacted violently as Alison began runningher fingers all over him and sayingseductively

“Now sailor,you saud, you wanted yo see what’s underneath my dress”

Somewhere in Alison’s mind, common sense thrashed about trying to get a hold of her but she refused.

She had never felt like this before,this heady feeling like power as Dennis trembled

She didn’t want it to end and gladly gave herselfto the sensation that kept pulling,pushing and finally dragged her to that place where sweet sensations reigned supreme as her lips came up to claim his own



I’m in the midst of setting things up But how was this chapter?

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