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The sight of the exquisite candle lit table did nothing to quell her anger as Dennis led her to a seat in the private sitting area away from other patrons of the restaurant

She wrenched her hand free then,taking the offered seat and her anger increasing at the smile on Dennis’s face

A smirk actually

Whatever was he smiling for?

“Stop being so prissy”he said”why are you so tense?”

“I don’t usually fancy being dragged to strange places by strange men”

“Really,strange men?”he continued, goading her”i

don’t think we are really strangers now,are we,ally?”

She ignored his question and fired her own

“How did you know my name?”

“Oh I know everything about you”he said, coldly”everything except why you left that morning.I don’t take lightly to being tossed aside,you know” “Oh I’m sorry, did I hurt your feelings?”she taunted”surely you didn’t think that was anything



more than a one night stand,do you?I find that night perfectly distasteful and best forgotten”

This was a lie

Although she remembered little of the incident, she doubted if it was distasteful

And it was a bad idea to lie,because Dennis eyes became so red,she was scared

“A..all I’m saying is”she stammered”I made a

mistake that night and its not a pleasant memory for me.So can we just let it go?”

Dennis face was still as hard as stone but he didn’t look so scary anymore

His mouth opened like he was about to say

something but was interrupted by the waiter “Your guest is here,sir”

“Bring him here”he ordered,then faced her immediately”we are not through,you and I,and we are not letting this go”

Just then the door opened and it was her turnto grow white with shock at the sight of the person standingthere

“Josh?!” TBC

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