Tue. Feb 13th, 2024


“ok how about an explanation?”Julie asked as soon

as Alison was able to sit down

Alison was as white as her bedspread She was pregnant

And she just knew who the father was

What was she going to tell her family,not that she had to tell them anything.

She was a grown woman and she could mange her

affairs but they would be so disappointed when they found out what she had done

“Was it josh?”her mom asked as she watch

different expressions crossed Alison’s face Expression of worry,disgust and anger

“Really,if its Josh’s baby, its ok”tonia said”we love you and we are going to love your baby too” Alison laughed bitterly

She had always dreamed of having her own family but not this way

As far as she was concerned,the billionaire Playboy

would not care about an offspring from a woman he just slept with once.

Well that was her fate

She really wasn’t going to love or get married now but she would love her baby and give it all her time



Never in her wildest dreams had she thought she would be involved with dennis overton.

His reputation was so scandalous

And here she was,carrying his baby

Alison groaned and put her head down, then lifted it again as the door suddenly opened and two men entered

Alison’s heart jumped and it was all she could do from running

There he was

How could she remember him so well when she was drunk that night?

He invaded the room with his presence and alison

could not keep her eyes off him

She was aware of her family watching them in wonder but she could not help herself

“How are you doing miss Kent?”His assistant spoke up when the silence became noticeable”we were very worried about you”

Dennis face was calm and impassive as he stared at alison.it was Tonia who finally answered

“She’s fine,yeah”she said nervously”just a little dizziness”

Matt smiled and nodded at her as he glanced at dennis who was still looking at alison

Alison’s heart was beating so loudly,she was

surprised no one heard it God help her


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