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“Listen to me Dennis,its a trap”Matt raged as Dennis walked to and fro with his phone,excitedly, watching the video over and over again sent just a few minutes ago

“Its a trap Dennis”Matt continued”and I’m notletting you walk off into the jungle trying to be everybody’s hero.its a trap you hearme?”

“What if it isn’t?”

“I’m very sure it is sir”the PI said as he reached for Dennis’s phone and watched the video again”I think its best if we watch put step from here”

“I don’t bloody care”Dennis said through gritted teeth

He was getting wild and one more minute in this godforsaken place without Alison,he was going to run mad

The video began with a recording of Alison beaten and obviously very weak then Mitchell appeared on the screen giving detailed explanations of their whereabouts and a stern advice to Dennis to come alone or else Alison won’t be delivered to him alive A typical threat

Ant fool would see it was a trap but Dennis was beyond reasoning now

He was ready to try anything and Matt was desperately trying to stop him

He loved his friend dearly and wasn’t ready for him to die yet

“Fine,you will go”Matt said after another minute of

serous tongue gruelling



“For real?”

“Yes,but on one condition”Matt continued and Dennis frowned

“I don’t have to listen toanything”

“Tough shit but you are already listening”Matt said tightly”what’s wrong with you?I’m sure Alisonwould not be proud of you thismoment”

Dennis had to shut up then

“Come closer’matt said and the three of them drew their chairs closer and began planning

They hadnt shaved or bathed in three days or had a good night sleep but that didn’t matter

Only one thing does

Alison’s life


“where the bloody hell Is he?”Mitchell ranted as she walked to and fro with a gun held to her hand which she waved about while Alison and josh watched her Josh could see she was going psycho and that satisfied him a great deal

His plans was going accordingly

He glanced at Alison and saw that she was weak just like he hoped


Alison on her part was too weak to feel miserable and she also didn’t like the way Mitchell was waving that gun around

She silently prayed that the gun doesn’t go off and she also silently prayed Dennis would come with help and not alone

She was aware of the video which was sent and hoped help came soon



“What are you doing?”Mitchell’s voice broke into her thought and she looked up to see Mitchell staring down at her,a sneer on her face Suddenly she broke into a laugh

“Praying?”she taunted”well just pray lover boy is

wise enough not to come with help or you both won’t see your daughter grow up”

The sound of a car driving in alerted them and

Mitchell went towards the window and smiled in satisfaction as a car glided down towards the house Show time

She continued watching as Dennis came down from the car and did a quick search to see if anyone followed him

Nobody In sight Better and better

She left the window and with quick strideswalked toward alisk and grabbed her hair while placing a gun under her chin at the sametime

Alison yelled on pain as the door suddenly opened and Dennis stepped inside with his hands held above his head

Mitchell smiled nastily “You are late”


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