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Alison slowly drifted awake

Her limbs felt heavy and she had to force her eyelids open in order to ascertain her surroundings Her limbs still felt cramped and it took a long time for her to realize she was strapped to a chair with her hands tied tightly to her back in one of the dirtiest places she had ever been

She tried to move then suddenly noticed a movement to her right which made her turn her head

The moment brought sharp pains to her neck but it was nothing compared to the shock she got ad she recognized the person sitting beside her “Mitchell?”she breathed weakly

“Hi Alison”Mitchell purred”how sweet of you to remember me”

“Mitchell,what are you doing here?”Alison asked frantically”where am I?”


“Well now don’t panic”Mitchell said in a soothing voice like she was trying to calm a frightened child”I know seeing me would bring back unpleasant memories or…wait, there ought to be two of us.

Josh dear,you can come in now”



Alison stared in disbelief ad a door openedfrom nowhere and josh stepped in smiling at her “Y..you bastard”Alisonswore

“Now let’s not be hard on eachother”Mitchell said,standing up and grabbing Alison’s chin roughly”you’ve lived long enough don’t you think?but I won’t kill younow”

She turned away and laughed

“I would have killed you long ago if this stupid fool had cut your brakes properly”she said as Alison’s mouth fell open in shock and josh turned bright red in anger

Suddenly she groaned in pain

“Oh are you hurt?”Mitchell asked”pity you gave birth to your bitch before now.I would have loved to take everything away from you,just as you did to me”

“I never took anything away from you”

A stinging slap landed on her face and left her dazed and gasping

“Yes you did,you bitch!”Mitchell snarled”all the attention,all the love…it was the same when we were kids even until we grew up”


“shut up.. Just shut up”Mitchell screamed”shut up,shut up,shut up!!! You bitch!”

Suddenly she pulled a gun from her hip and Alison froze in fear

“Shut up”Mitchell whispered crazily as she pressed the cold metal to Alison’s forehead


kill her now.we have to lure Dennis here andfinish



them together, remember?now calm down andput the gun down,yep there you go sweetheart” Slowly he took the gun from her hand and led her to thedoor

There,she stopped and glared at Alison with hate

“I swear to make your last moments as miserable as you made my entire life,bitch”

With that she was gone,leaving Alison

shocked,dazed and scared

Suddenly she broke into piteous sobbing Dennis

Oh Dennis, where are you?


“I don’t know!”Dennis yelled as they walked to the security room of the hospital.”,one minute she was right there and the next she was gone!”

“Calm down man”Matt said”we are going to find her”

“I can’t calm down”Dennis said through gritted teeth He couldn’t believe what was happening

He couldn’t believe he failed Alison by being so careless

Now she was gone and he had no way to reach her

They almost collided with the PI who was coming out of the security office

“They found the tapes sir”he said ad he ushered

them into the room”you might want to come in and watch it yourself”

They walked into the security office where several large screen were playing and replaying footages of CCTV of different places in the hospital



Several computer experts and security personnel’s milked around the room doing one thing or the other

“Here sir”the man motioned to a screen where a footage of the parking area was recorded”see if you can recognize theses faces”

They waited for the PI to fast forward the recordings rill they got the exact time and began watching earnestly

They watched as a man dressed in white coat like a doctor came out of the hospital pushing an unconscious woman in a wheelchair

“Alison”Dennis whispered and Matt held his shoulder

They were still watching when a man came out of

the car and helped the fake doctor place the wheelchair into the car

Dennis slammed his fist on a nearby table

“Josh Brandon!”

“I want that licence plate scrutinized”Matt began giving orders as everyone became occupied with their phones and the whole place became a beehive of activities”and the location of that car found.along with those two bastards.we have 24hours,you understand?!”

Dennis was still stating at the screen,red with anger “It’s OK man”Matt consoled”we’ll find her”



That was a blast but I gotta go now



Yes,the story’s coming to an end and I assure its gonna get hotter. What do you think is gonna happen next?

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