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Mitchell choked on her coffee and continued coughing,using her hand to cover her mouth asshe stared in disbelief at the newspaper in her shaking hands


What the actual f**k!

She hasn’t even moved yet and begun her plan,these two were already getting engaged She clenched the paper so tightly ,her knuckles

turned white then flung it across the room in anger So Alison was getting married


This time,to a more better man,better than that loser who calls himself josh Brandon

Wait a minute

She smiled nastily as a thought creeped into her head

She knew what to do.

Naked,she sashayed over to the bathroom where a hot bath was waiting for her

30mins later,having fully washed her body,she

came out with a towel wrapped around her chest and another on her head like a turban and proceeded to cream her body

She opened her closet and finally decided ona short black s£xy number that revealed almost welleverything



That done, she slipped into her heels and walked to her car, intent on her plan

30mins later,she parked in front of Josh’s home

and walked right in like she owned the place

The smell of alcohol made her stop and closeher nose


She knew he was going to do this,drowning himself o instead of fighting his own battles

She walked over to where he was snoring

loudly,lying face up on the couch

She looked around and found a pitcher of water so cold it was sweaty on the sides and dumped it on his head

Josh awoke with a loud gasp,gulping for air and looked around wildly

Mitchell flung the newspaper at his face and he stopped gasping,instead his face contorted with rage as the headlines swam in front of him “Yep,josh”Mitchell said,as she walked round and round”while you sleep and kill yourself with alcohol,your lady is getting how do you like that?”

Josh sighed and placed the newspaper aside.His face showed pure defeat

“Whatever Mitch,I’m done with her”he said and

made to lie down n while Mitchell watched him in disgust

“Surely,you don’t mean that”she continued”you know you can’t get her back…”

Josh frowned at her

“You are not worth half of Dennis”she continued



“What’s that supposed to mean?”he asked angrily “It means exactly what I said!”Mitchell yelled”you are such a loser,going down without a fight.are you willing to live in the same town with them being happy ever after?”

Josh remained silent

“If so,good for you”she said standing up”I would have given you a proposition that would have settled you for life but seeing your clumsiness I’d rather go”

She walked to the door and smiled in triumph when josh called her name

She turned and allowed his eyes to travel the full

length of her

“So”she asked”what do you say?” TBC


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