Tue. May 28th, 2024


Sunlight streamed into the room in bright rays as

Alison awoke from a deep slumber

She tried to lift her head but immediately fell back on the pillow

It felt like monsters were using her brain to play football

“Ugh!”she groaned as she tried to move but couldn’t

Wait,wat the f**k?

She was being held tightly by strong arms against a strong body

She glanced back and nearly screamed interror “Ohmigod”she swore”I must be crazy.I actually slept with astranger!”

She tried to move again but Dennis sighedand moved away fromher

Thankfully he was still asleep as Alison picked her naked limbs from the bed and grabbed her dress from the floor,hurriedly pulling it on

Within minutes she was in her car driving at top speed back home

How could she be so stupid? Her head was still pounding and she silently swore never to drink again

“Shit”she said as she sighted her mom’s car in her driveway.What was she going to tell her?

“Alison, thank goodness”her mom said as she hugged her immediately she came in through the door”you are safe!”



“Where have u been?”Julie,her sister asked,scrutinizing her”you look like a mess.What have you been up to?”

“Nothing”Alison answered, avoiding Julie’s eyes Julie was a real lie detector and alison wasn’t ready to tell her family that she slept with a complete stranger all because her fiancé dumped her “Shit”she groaned

“What?”julie asked,eyeing her closely

“Nothing sis”alison exclaimed”just let it go!OK?I was dumped by my fiancé and I’m not really in a good mood to share my feelings with you OK?!” “She was just worried about you”her mom said”you kept us all awake last night”

“You shouldn’t have done that”alison countered”I’m a grown up woman who can take care of his herself”

She almost laughed at herself.

A grown up woman who acted like a slut all because her fiance dumped her

She didn’t know what she had gotten herself into but she was determined to forget it

Let bygones be bygones

Alison Kent will never love again

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