Fri. May 10th, 2024


Love Conquers


By Authoress Promise








It as been five years of absolutely peace, free from the devil Albert Eduardo.


Adrianne and i wedded each other five years ago, we both have a kid of our own. Lizzie was the name of our lovely daughter, she was just three. She as the same grayish eyes with me, Adrianne’s face and my the color of my hair. She was such a sweet child, Adrianne and i was so happy, when she came into the world. I and Adrianne’s love have finally produce fruit, which is our child.


I took over the business, in less than a year I was able to master all the business tactics, and I’ve finally become a business tycoon, thanks to my lovely wife and my brother.


Okay as for my former gangs, Juan had is own business,he owns a big shop were he sells all sort of food stuff. Ricardo was a Photographer, he as a photograhy studio. Since Diego deals with cars, he was a fleet manger. Aimee owns her a restaurant, since she was a very good cook, Marco her lover who is now her husband was event planner, they had twins, both girls, Maia and Gaia and lastly Marina was a makeup artist. She as quit been a slut and live clean.


Oscar as his family were doing well.


Life was great and sweet without Albert Eduardo. My father, mum and Leonardo got the justice they deserve.


I was finally able to avenge their death, and maybe others who had died secretly in the hands of Albert Eduardo.




Daddy, mum can we go in now ” Lizziepouted.


Adrianne, Lizzie and I are at the fun house. We took Lizzie there coz today was children’s day. She can’t wait to go in, seeing all the excitement and the fun inside. I pay the ticket to the man in charge of the ticket collection and he let’s us in.

Lizzie ran in with her little legs.


Baby careful, don’t fall to the ground ” Adrianne said. Lizzie stopped and turn around, she startedchuckling.


Baby wait for us ” I said, she was a obedient child. She stood still and when Igot to her, I peck her cheek, she giggles and then i took her in myshoulders.


Adrianne and i stole a love glance at each other before going in.

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